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oh my!! its has been sooooo loooong guys since i last updated my blog.. yeah! counting like going almost 3 weeks. hahah! really sorry about it.. i've been busy like almost daily and got no time to update my blog.. my bad =P

anyway, over the dates that i didnt updates, theres alot of things happening like going out with friends and stuffs. and of course, im fine (: i even had hard time updating my social sites due to my hectic schedule.. but now i guess i can sure update everyday. for sure. cos mostly im done with my business and there's nothing much to worry about.. furthermore its been like everyday i went out. hahahah! go home late night and therefore, no time to update blog.

my boyfriend had also pop.. this coming friday will be his last day of training.. then he'll be posted out to work outside.. tmrw also i have to go simei for school registration! yup. i'll be schooling there in april.. i've got the course that i want, network security tech.. (V) and i dont have to worry because i already have private tutor. which is zen. hahahha! and i also can play guitar already! ^_^ learnt few chords already.. heheh.

so much things to share but its alright. the day has over so i shall just update from current date =D just enjoy the pictures.. i'll put caption for the picture.. easier to explain..

that day went out with my cousin.. the album, not out yet =P

this one, i accompanied ariffin and went for breakfast..
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my photoshoot
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zen's pass out parade
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half day reunion
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jamming then photoshoot and dinner at marina square pastamania..

nice right? heheh.
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his haircut day..
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