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today i had a great day.. first i was late. like always~ hahahha! supposed to be at simei ite between 9am to 12pm, but i was there at 12 noon XD thanks to fahmi for accompany me. :D i got like 11 out of 15 for my colour blind. hahahaha! you know why? cos when the picture got purple, i cnt see shit what number was it. but im not colour blind eh. heheh. i passed my colour blind ok ;D

after that we went to had lunch at burger king century square. then i went off home.. went out again around 5pm. power. supposed to be at clarke quay at 515pm, but im still at home at 5pm. awesome! hahahahah! in the end i reached at 6pm. hahahah! met farridon at 6+, supposed to be at tamp at 630pm to meet my clients and late again. 7pm i reached tamp with farridon.. after that we took bus off to kovan, met sulaiman and daffi. slacked till 930pm.

talk crap, have fun. hahahaha. and tmrw im going to meet zen!! yay!! saturday i have cosplay shooting.. excited. ^_^

alright, i want to sleep. im living so freely =D and i just realised, finally i traveled by public transport. no cab. hahahah! yes! enjoy the pictures!

daffi, sulaiman & farridon..

thats sulaiman & farridon! =D


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