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hello. no updates because i stayed home from sunday till monday. awesome shit. cos i was having pms on sunday. and bloody hell it made me felt dropdead. really hurting me. therefore, i didnt update my blog..

on monday i was doing rather lil fine.. sorting out the lenses and stuffs. im done with all and zen also started to work at Tanglin Division.. that's fast. april drawing near = school *bang head*. no more holiday. i want to enjoy to the core before my school starts. spending my free time on photoshooting and jamming.. cos i know once i start school, no more time for these twos. hahaha! confirm! will be busy studying to score ^_^

gonna meet zen tmrw. now he started working, i dnt need wait until friday to see him. now everyday can meet already. wooohoo! hahah! and i guess he can fetch me like before after my school ends =D

im sleepy now, gotta go sleep. shall update again tmrw. byeeee~


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