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friday and saturday was a blast for me. wooohooo! though zen couldnt attend for the cutting cake, but he did attend on friday and saturday night, right after the cutting cake..

on friday i went costa sand resort at downtown with zen.. farridon reached there first. right after me and zen reached, woooohooo, off to the pool man! hahhahah! its been so long since i last went into the pool. i want to go wild wild wet soon.. school's opening soon in few weeks. arghhhh#$#%^. enjoyed the pool time, i swam with farridon, zen and shazwan. surprising all know how to swim, except for me =P new swimmer. i can swim, but not as professional as them. hahah! went out of the pool around 8pm, slacked awhile and took off at around 10pm i guess?

saturday zen didnt attend. i came there by myself. farridon went there first, again, before i reach there, bought food at bk ^_^ reached the chalet, ate awhile and off to the pool again. wooohooo. awesome! (Y) farah and her sister reached the chalet right before i went off to the pool. so its like, farah, her sister(ferina), shazwan and his friend went to follow me to the pool. imagine, farridon was surprised when he saw i came with them. cos farridon went off to the pool before me. hahah! the only ppl swimming was only me and farridon. the rest were sitting at the site of the pool and watched us. hahahha! farah and her cam, taking pictures of us.. around 7pm we went out of the pool, get changed and back to the chalet.. slacked until the cutting cake at 8pm. cake was awesome.

zen then came at around 9pm, was there until 10pm+, then i went off with zen. farridon stayed with the rest, overnight. pictures are all taken using shazwan's dslr. i will upload the pictures here once its up alright.

and guess what? my dad is buying for me dslr today!! wooohooo!! excited. it was a random conversation i had, surprising he insist of buying me dslr =D Nikon 3100! yay!! im sure zen gonna like it.

this is so gonna be mine soon. yes!

i'll update again. im off now. gonna get myself ready. outing with family. takecare \\//


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