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people always said monday blues~ hahahha. but not for my monday. my monday was awesome! yeah!

it was supposed to be a day out with myself, zen and nazli. first we met nazli at serangoon and made our way down to sengkang riverside park.. took many many pictures. didnt spent alot of time since the sky had gone dark, evening.. around 8pm+, we went to dhoby to meet farridon to take my lappy. we took cab from sengkang cc all the way to dhoby.. in the end, we slacked till 11pm. hahahha! awesome!

we meet them at the cathay near plaza singapure.. there were farah, shazwan, sastra and 3 other friends.. total there were 9 including myself. slack slack, take pictures, had times and went off. nothing much i can share about.

but, zen didnt sleep for 30hrs. hahah! cos he just got home from work just now at 11am.. didnt have time to sleep cos he was waiting for me to wake up =P

farridon and his kitty~

us.. the other 3 not in picture..

i like this picture. hahah!


sengkang riverside park. taken by zen.

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