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hey guys! i really had a great day today! it was super fun!

had cosplay photoshooting. i wore Kimono! ^_^ awesome! went there with zen.. he accompanied me until end of my photoshoot. we reached there early afternoon like 12pm.. went there by cab. again! hahah! each time go out, there's always one time of cab ride. ;D reached the place and had to walk like 15mins along the bridge -.- tiring~ but atleast we managed to find them. supposed to be there at 11am for make-up, but i reached at 12pm. hahahaha! reached, we're invited to have some food that they bought. we had fried bee hoon. after im done, tina(make-up artist) started to makeover my face.. it took like 1hr i guess? no idea.. but zen was there to count the time since we waited for me to get done. hahahaha! poor thing. as a way, he plugged inbox just to kick his boredom. hahah! the make-up and hairdo was great. my cosplay outfit was Kimono green in colour..

after all the models are done with their outfit and hairdo, omg, it was unexpected, more than 10 photographers came. hahahaha! shocking! alot! imagine, you just have to pose as instructed and all the photographer did was to call your name if they want you to look at their cam. but overall it was superb! i took some shots with few models too! nice~ zen did take some of the pictures.. i'll upload it soon alright. the theme for the photoshoot was called "Trash the Kimono". so we had to like somehow trash the kimono and got them wet ^_^ (Y) it was raining too. i didnt take alot cos i cannot be in the rain for too long. =P

everything was done like around 6pm? and get myself changed blahblahblah. after all that, i left all of them, say goodbye and etc. myself and zen was about to have our dinner at changi village, but instead, we took bus all the way down to simpang bedok. hahahah! had our dinner there and went off around 830pm.. bought food for family then made our way to bedok int.. drop bedok point challenger, bought mouse pad -thanks to dad for reminding me. hahah! done with everything, took bus off home~

awesome day! i will upload those photoshoot pictures after i transfer them to my lappy alright. byeeee~

More of my photoshoot pictures here | Behind the scene of Princess Keiko


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