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HAPPY 18th Monthsary Zen ^_^

yeah! today is our 18th months of being together. im sooooooooo happy. its worthwhile afterall having a guy like him compared to my previous, ex. even though my ex was a caucasian dude, so what, he don't deserve to have me. and i love my current boyfriend so much =D whateva zen did to me was what i did to my ex. its like karma. all those good deeds i did before, was splendid! i feel it now when im with him (: and yes sure, you're gonna beat him, 3yrs in past r/s wasn't really easy to get over, but i chose to get over it. so i bet you can sure be more than him ok? confirm! ^_^ hee~

today, i was out. first i went to meet fahmi and rara at tampines open plaza. around 6pm.. then 630, farridon came and slacked together with us. bought pizza, play with guitar and talk crap. around 730pm, all went off. i took bus to amk. awesome. 9pm then reach amk. HAHA! met zen at 930pm. went to meet my client, took cab off home.

even though it was a short day of myself with zen, but, i still appreciate the moments we had. because each moment are not able to be rewind once it has past. but that doesn't really matter to me. everyday i meet him. =P

till then. and i am going to change blogskin soon.. soon.

farridon & fahmi..

raraa =D

and that pizza i bought @ pastamania! ;D


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