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1st day of school. awesome awesome!

in the morning went for breakfast with farridon @ mcd. then we went separate ways to school. i took bus to tamp. when i reached tamp, saw this long freaking queue and i laughed at it. HAHAHHA! thanks to fahmi im saved from the jam. XD well it was my first time seeing that long queue. had to take alternate bus to school. fahmi waited for me near the bus stop, went to school together.. he sent me until the indoor sports hall. -im not lost =D

they had those intro and ice breaking as a start.. playing games etc2~ break, and auditorium again. first day nothing much to share about. probably i might have alot of things to share as days goes by~ hee ^_^

after school, went to meet zen at Nex. bought food for my little brother and off home.


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