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2nd day of school.

HAHAHHA! i get to know some many new people and friends. new classmates and faces. same shit also. go school, do nothing but play games and more games. HAHHA! in the afternoon we played games at the stadium. and the weather was scorching hot. =.= but it was fun though.

had lunch with new friends. surprisingly im the oldest among them. HAHAH! (Y) but, i don't look my age ;D \\// during lunch, zen and farridon drop by my school. wooohoo! they met us at cafe 2. after awhile, we all went off. and yeah, same thing, after lunch we went to assemble outside indoor stadium, and they had arranged games for us. yeah, kinda amazing race. it was fun! i sang to my class grenade ^_^ my class got 2nd place. woooh!! nice~ besides that, i get to acquaint new people from bridge leaders.. they were sooooooo friendly. i like it alot! =D

after school i went jamming with 1 of my schoolmate, shahri. thanks for accompanying me! :D i jam with fahmi, farridon and zen. after jamming, its like around evening.. zen took off first by cab to his work. myself, farridon and fahmi took bus to pasir ris and eventually we took cab home to send fahmi and i took cab to amk with farridon.. he accompanied me to buy earpiece. again. HAHAH. cos the old one right side spoilt. -i dropped it. =P after that farridon went to toa payoh and i went off home.

the end. its boring because im tired to type. my bad. =\


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