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it was an awesome day i had!

first in the morning i went to meet my client at hougang around 930pm right after i sent my younger brother to school at 7am.. went back home, and get ready.. after i met my client, contacted zen and met him at mcd hougang mall since he's coming back from work.. waited for him i can sleep~~ hahaha! he came close to 11am.. had breakfast together and went to accompany him to the bank branch. he also want to change his card like mine. Lol. Copycat! =P

alright, in the afternoon, we took cab and fetched my little brother from school.. i had lunch at home for awhile.. next, bring farridon with me along.. so its like, farridon, me and zen.. we took cab to Kampong Chai Chee CC. because shazwan tagged us along for karaoke. this was my first karaoke though. hahahha! cos i always thought that karaoke songs are limited with more malaysss track.. but i was wrong~ hahha! i really had so much fun in the room, singing with them for freaking 5hrs! thats like, half day school? (Y) its just 4 of us, myself, farridon, zen & shazwan. didnt take any pictures. busy singing. hahaha! indeed, we turned the karaoke session to screamo karaoke XD awesome!

after we're all done, we took cab to simpang bedok.. i bought food for my little brother.. supposedly after this i had to make my way with them to toa payoh to meet atica and have dinner together, but damn mum called me to get home =.=" grr. no choice, had to make my way home. took cab off home. like wise, zen is always with me. hahah. so only farridon and shazwan went to meet atica and toa payoh.

*I got addicted with karaoke more than jamming =P*


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