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each time i blog i've always start with the line "awesome day". hahahah! cos to me, at the end of the day, yes its an awesome day for me =D

went shopping with zen.. it was an unplanned day out.. first i went to meet my client at amk.. right after that, bought some junk food then made my way to paya lebar, meet zen.. drop tanjong katong awhile to buy some stuffs and walk around geylang area.. so fast its like going evening.. by the time we took bus to go Nex, its already like 7pm? i guess. and I, decided to go shopping instead of having dinner first. hahah! we ate our donuts on the sky garden ^_^ but before that, we went shopping, buy many many things then eat.. eat not those heavy2 food, that donut part~ hahha!

talk alot of things about our pasts. i like =D and it was around 8pm+, then we're rushing to find place to have our dinner. unfortunately, all restaurant was fulled. so i just bought happy meal for my little brother, and we took train to Kovan. had dinner at Qiji heartland.. by the time we reached kovan its alright going 9pm.. so fast the time. we're like the 2nd last customer at Qiji. hahah! cos the mall was going to close soon.. to save my time, i had part of my food eaten by zen. hahahahha! my food saver ;D after dinner we went to ntuc to buy some frozen food and made our way home~



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