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yeah peace!

Today, i chose to stay home. its been like 6 days straight im out. hahah! monday to saturday. so i'd rather choose to be home today since tomorrow i also have to meet my client.. of course stay home nothing to update. hahah! only can update about whats happening around..

looks like my previous posts was all about outing and more outing... but today, lets read about my day.

school is going to open on 11th april. yeah. so fast. i had holiday for 3mths straight, hahah! right after i graduated on dec2010.. if you're wondering whether im working or not, nope im not working.. i have own business running online with lenses. feel free to check out the site here. and 2nd, i've been keeping myself busy with jamming and photoshootings.. because i know once school reopen, i will have no time for all these things.. i mean, not totally no time, have, but occasionally available due to study. its like, i have 1 more week of holiday before school reopen.. i hope i can ditch my problem of late-coming =P

next, im now done with all my stuffs, but, im lazy to go online.. yesterday already got this one freaky human, added me in facebook long time, didnt know "She" got add me in msn, until the last night chat, this person said that shes horny. i was laughing when she said that because i was on the phone with my friend and imagine, its really2 funny. by just seeing my face, how can i make someone horny? hahahha! special eh~ ;D i've already blocked that person as well as on facebook. so no more trouble. i also lazy to entertain this kinda noob. i can entertain, but not worth my time. unless its really a Need for me to fool the person, then i will =D hee.

recently, not much pictures uploaded, new pictures.. cos i seldom take pictures when i go out. too excited i guess. thats why didnt take picture. hahah! but soon, i will upload ok. now im just waiting for zen to come my crib. nothing much. i gotta sleep early today, because next morning i gotta send my little brother to school..

thats all. thanks for reading guys. have a nice day (:


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