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how wonderful can by day be everyday~ hee~

today nothing much to share. in school i reached around 930am, met with friends and went up class. had break for freaking 3hrs. =.=" from 11am till 230pm. pfft. during our lunch, we went to qiji at tamp. after qiji, went to century square, then back to school. HAHAH! boring isnt it? yeah. we had nothing to do and so all decided to go auditorium and slacked (Y) had to come back school cos there's police talk regarding crime and illegal cigg.

end school, went to sac while waiting for nico to come. even after he reached there, we still stood by there and do nothing. HAHA. pointless. end up go cafe by cafe just to accompany me search what food to eat. XD nico went off first. i then decided to eat chicken rice black pepper. *yummy* i was with my friend, suhaidah. she was with me for awhile, after she went off, leaving me alone, 10mins later zen and farridon came. HAHAH! like what farridon said, he part-time college east student. HAHAHHAHAAH! they had their dinner there also.

after we're all done, went to take bus to downtown. meet fahmi and rara at bk. we had so much fun bowling. yeah! even though it was my first time playing bowling in real life, but still, i got 2nd place! ^_^ wooohooo!! awesome! fahmi got 3rd. zen got 1st. farridon last rara 4th. cant believe i got 2nd. HAHAH! for a first timer who played bowling. thats insane ;D

bowling done, went to talk a walk together at mangrove, and off home. im feeling soooo sleepy~


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