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woaaaah, finally my 3rd day of school. i enjoyed going to this school so much, idk why. hahha!

first, met my friends in the morning, as usual like the previous post, but this time, they brought us to this place and practice our cheer. i was in this telematch thing with few of my friends. practice until 12pm, lunch, went off home awhile and come back school around 1pm. nothing much to share. 2pm they started the event in the indoor stadium. as a start they have few rounds of games as an opening, then the cheer competition, followed by some hiphop street dance workout and done. thats all for the day.

met nico after the event, slacked while waiting for zen and farridon to come meet me ^_^ i got bodyguards with me =D when they reached, we had some chat for awhile and had dinner together. after nico left, left me farridon and zen. we went to meet fahmi for jamming. in the middle of the jamming session time, ipin came =.= he was there not long, cos we're finishing like 15mins after he came. after jamming, ipin went off, we all took cab, sent fahmi and off home.



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