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Hey guys! yeah im back to blogging yo! hahahhaha! and i have so much things to share about.. many things to update and upload such as pictures and stuffs. but what i can remember, i will update about it alright.

so fast its may already~

and yesterday i really had a blast on my birthday. happy for it! ^_^ thanks to those who have wished me on my birthday and took the time to celebrate with me. appreciate the time alot. plus the gifts, surprises and presents.. i like it alot!

on my birthday of course i went to school. met muhaimin in the morning. alright, this muhaimin is a new guy i just acquaint recently.. and so, since my class starts at 8am, went school together with him.. class ended around 10am++, decided to bring my classmates to tampines pizzahut. we had our lunch there until 12pm+, we all then went off. took bus back to school. really love the celebration i had together with them at pizzahut. it really makes me so delighted for the date so much. like so grand to me..

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