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beautiful day i had today. in the morning i sent my brother to school and off to sleep back. every friday i no school like before ^_^ wooohooo! thats awesome ay! around 10+ mum woke me up and request to accompany her out awhile.. blablablah, done around 1pm, went to fetch my younger brothers together with mum.. shopping awhile near the central around my house.. had lunch with mum and all.. by the time i reached home, its like around 3.30pm already.

how great can it be. im supposed to meet muhaimim at 230pm. hahah! and he waited for me like 2hrs~ =P we haven got any plan, so just decided to catch movie, thor! it was really a great movie. i watched it twice! yeah. first with zen and farridon and nex, and 2nd with muhaimin.. watched it at cathay ehub. thanks to credit card that i can easily booked the tix online. HAHAH! i reached ehub also just on time. 4pm.. reached the hall 420 i guess? after movie had dinner at mcd. thanks for the treat handsome boy! HAHAH! after dinner we had our times around pasir ris and off home.

i just realised, each time i went out with him, i didnt take any pictures. HAHHAHA! that's funny. unlike before, the one i went out with ipin.. everytime go out with him, for sure got picture taken at the end of the day. i guess i must somehow adapt that feature to my current friendship. haha! ;D

plus tomorrow im gonna meet zen. yeah! *happy* i will keep on updating my blog, don't worry (:


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