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Hey! Its june already. been so long since i last update my blog isnt it? HAHA! my bad, i was really busy until i neglected my blog. but now, not anymore. i'll sure be updating it daily like before =D

yeah life was fine for me except that i miss my boyfriend alot. seriously. i miss zen like every minute, every seconds.. ever since he has been shifted to bishan npc, i felt so sorry for him because his working shift hours are very tight and that has made him to feel the damn tiredness everytime he return home. not only that, his handphone, battery consumption is really depressing. and hes gonna get the same phone like me! ^_^ iphone 4 :D i bought it last month anyway.

besides that, i no longer can meet him daily like before. we seldom meet, seldom on the phone and even chat. chat doesn't matter to me, or even facebook. haha. cos i rarely login msn so that shouldn't be a problem. and for facebook, i know he occasionally logs in, so i dont mind about it. but meeting and communication with him has lessen. but i hope everything goes well.. you know the feeling of you miss someone so badly that you can even get worried of it no matter in what circumstances? yeah. i am experiencing that feeling now.. because i am used to meet him every single day and if anyone would wonder if i would get bored seeing his face or him, then my answer is never. i've never get tired, boring or even sick of seeing his face. thats the reason why i miss him so badly.

just like those pictures below..

random pictures me and him..

can i dine with you again zen?

and yes, this was written by him before he went for ns last year..

there's more pictures of myself and him that i wish to upload, but its alright. just like the song thats currently playing on my blog.. i really want to meet him so badly. hes always busy with work and for that we occasionally meet each other.

though this post its like about zen, its something that i wish to share. i came to realised that love doesn't count in distance, it counts on how much you love and trust each other. doesn't matter how long you don't meet each other, as long as you trust your partner, everything will always be fine. yeah i may sound so emotional on this post but seriously, its not easy to have relationship of 1 year 10mths when you have built so strong bonding between each other.

One tip from me. Just so if you're down, listen to upbeat music. ^_^ because it helps! ;D

i'll sure update again soon =D cheers for reading! (Y)


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