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i love these both pictures so much. ^_^

my friday, awesome. but you know, i encountered this issue earlier in the afternoon and its like What-The-Fook. you know why, its just because of this one idiot person that made me to have doubt, not on friends, but zen. yeah~ i had no idea what this idiot trying to do. she's been like running after him and kept pushing her feelings on and on towards zen. its easy for me to F it but cmon uh, she has her own boyfriend so why still drool about her past. or i guess probably her boyfriend wasn't awesome enough like mine? ^_^

well just so if she misses zen, then too bad. i still have bad impression on her. and i wont have bad impression on a person for nothing. but i wonder why she doesn't go up to me directly eh. haha. afraid i would call jigsaw for help i guess. AHHA! seriously. its irritating and i feel like setting up maze for her. so u see, its not easy yeah to own a strong and everlasting relationship.. whats more, 2 months later going to be my 2nd anniversary with zen and that will be in 3 weeks time..

let me continue about my friday afternoon.. and so, zen drop to my house, meanwhile we had our times and hour later daffi came together with jannah. daffi and jannah also had the same duration of relationship.. just that mine started on aug 09 and theirs started on sept 09.. thats long and time flies.. they reached my house, we all had our times again together like before.. i did took some pictures..

zen, myself, daffi & jannah

from left, thats farridon, zen, daffi, jannah and me =D

daffi & jannah

hoho, that zen and me. AHHAHAH!

my guitar!! ^_^

i went off first with zen to raffles.. we went to chevron house. reached there around close to 6pm.. after raffles we're planning to have dinner but unsure at where, in the end, we drop cityhall and took bus to aljunied.. at first we thought of eating at aljunied then went off home, but since the queue was long, we just bought bubble tea for ourselves and took train to eunos meet farridon and daffi. daffi went Thailand today. so eventually before he took off we went to meet him.

zen, myself and farridon had dinner at eunos then.. by the time we finished our dinner, its 830pm.. fast man the time. we had plan and therefore we took train to expo.. went expo, saw many sales and i saw muneera! shes pretty i like! =D not only that, i get to see sharifah aini's too! awesome. but too many aunties were crowding around the stage..

thats her! :D

after expo, took bus to bedok and off home. shagged. and i can't wait for monday.. excited ^_^ (dancing) cos i'll be going off to wild wild wet with my classmates (elly, suhaidah & diyana). coolstuffs!

takecare readers! \\//


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