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yesterday was really fun. i had bbq pit with my classmates at pasir ris park..

though zen wasn't there in the first place and suhaidah, but everything went fine. in the afternoon i met my classmates at diyana's blk and then we went off to the pit by walking, its not that far but can make it. HAHA! eventhough the weather was scotching hot. we reached the pit at about almost 330pm i think.. set up the equipment etc, by 6pm we're all eating. and i was enjoying the bbq food for almost 1hr. awesome eh? how can i not be so hungry. there's nutella and bbq chicken! taste so good and thats why i ate alot. yes, alot. =P

few of other friends came in the evening. nothing much to share because we're all having our time. you know, pit~ yeah. farridon did came also. zen reached around 11pm. although he reached like almost midnight but to me its enough, as long as he comes satisfied me much =D he stayed for few mins and went off with me and farridon. i didnt take that much pictures because my battery was low due to the games i played constantly. hehs. but luckily bob's friend, shah brought along dslr. i was having fun taking many pictures during the night ;D (Y)

as for today, i was out to amk then off to bishan.. met zen at bishan then off to parkway. thankfully farridon happened to text me and after i told him where i was, he was so near, which was, at ecp. i mean hes at ecp, so we decided to meet under our grandmother's void deck. AHHA! thought of going up but nvm, i was shagged and feel sleepy. so nevermind~

zen working night shift today. his working hours is really tiring. if only im the one who set the schedule = everyday no work. HAHAHAH! but its ok for me, time flies really fast these days i see.. and i guess its far better than before, which was last time if he was in camp, the only day i get to meet him only on weekend and friday. but currently, i can even meet him almost Every single day! =D so i should be rather thankful that its better compared to before.

i shall end here, and i feel like making another cover of song for zen but for that i needa practice first then maybe i'll record if its stable. ;D

bye readers~ takecare and thanks for reading. i'll sure update again maybe tomorrow perhaps?
smile :D


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