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yeah that are all pictures above.. and saturday i didnt go anywhere. my mum planned to go expo but in the end she didnt make her move = tired =.= but its alright. i was spending my entire day at home. if you were to wonder boring or not, to me, not at all =D i can survive as long there's lappy infront of me. hehe. zen knows it well about that.

and today, i constantly woke up sia. like the hell. sleep also not peace.. why, because this diarrhea like mofo. since last thursday man.. because on thursday i was sick actually.. and on that day of course i went home from school. i only attended school half day. that evening then i started to have this diarrhea. until today. cock right? HAHA! i thought it would have been gone on friday but Not. pfft. just now i kept waking up constantly just to date with toilet. urggghhh. well i just made milo for myself and i hope it helps.

as for today, probably i'll be out. depends.. because zen took leave. so im not sure whether i'll be going elsewhere not and tomorrow is monday!! wooohooo!! wildwildwet ay! ^_^


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