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on 19th, Sunday was amazing. i finally met my oldold bestfriend of mine. we had an random outing.

first i went to meet zen at hougang int and made our way by train to dhoby to collect the booked ticket. last minute booked though. myra decided to watch malay movie and on my side i decided to catch green lantern. AHHA! so end up we watched green lantern. its considered double date out. awesomeshit!! =D

myself and zen went to collect the ticket at the cathay and after awhile, myra came with her boyfriend.. movie stated at 440pm but we went in slightly late around close to 5pm. HAHA! even though we missed the first few parts but the entire timeline of the movie was great! i took few pictures with myra on that day because after the movie we went to spotlight at ps.. we had nowhere to go after movie so yeah just a random walk about..

after spotlight we went to burger king for our dinner.. until around 8pm they went off first.. since i didnt eat anything when we're at burger king, so i decided to drag zen to long john silver. had my dinner there.. thought of going home but mum called me and request to buy food for family, no choice, after dinner at long john took bus to tampines and another bus to afghan. *why must afghan be so far*. after afghan took bus and off home~~

thats on the sunday 19th.. boyfriend took leave on that day for the sake of seeing my face ^_^\\//

on 20th, guess what, that excited day im waiting for. wildwildwet man!! yeah! i got too excited until i woke up around 830am when we're supposed to meet around 1030am.. i reached pasir ris at 11am but waited for diyana, freaking long lastly we took cab and reached downtown at 12pm..

my monday was unexplained because half of my day was at wildwildwet. and right now my skin is sooooo tan! thanks to the sun. the rides were all great seriously. i've tried all of the rides with my girls. coolstuffs, those who never try should give it a shot. =D i couldn't type any further about whats happening when i was at wildwildwet cos its all about rides and more rides. unfortunately i had smtg on, so i went off first. zen fetched me at 5pm.. sorry girls for leaving yall behind~ i was home around 11pm i guess?

skip 21st june because i can't rmbr what happened and lets read about 22nd june.. what i rmbr was i met zen in the evening around 5pm then we took bus to junction 8 :D had time with him for awhile and i went off home, he went off to work. woohoooo!! everyday meet him ^_^


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