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Hello my dear readers! I'm really sorry as I know it has been such a long time since I last updated my blog. Was busy with school and things around me. And that has made my daily routine time busy for the whole day.

Today marks the first day of hari raya. I'm blessed that I'm able to see today and celebrate with people around me like my family and friends. Other than that, I'm surprised that I have not been updating my blog for a month. Hahah! That's fast. I didn't expect that I wouldn't update my blog this long, really. And now I'm updating my blog also through my phone. So expect more updates from me. =D I may not upload any pictures on my post as I'm updating by my phone.

2011 going to end in few months and tomorrow I gotta say hello to september. Hee. So far, about my relationship, it has been going on for 2yrs. Yes, and I'm happy for that I'm still with zen since 2007. That was long and the bonding between us was amazing.

I shall end my update here. See my below post, haha. Since June I last updated my blog. Coming September, I'm sure I'll be updating my blog more often than before. So till here, takecare readers and selamat hari raya ^_^\\//


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