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HAHA! but woohooo!~ finally one exam has ended. felt so glad about that. another exam is coming up which will be on the 7th Sept. of course im trying my best to study hard because i wanna score but dont wanna end up dropping like i did in my Nitec years. HAHA. grades was awesome until i dropped due to never study.

before that, i wanna share about my 26th ramadan. yeah i know it has past but i have yet to blog about it because what, im busy~ thats why no time to blog and now i have many2 time to go back about blogging. *happy for it*

well on 26th Aug i went breaking fast with my classmates. surprisingly all managed to attend and i really enjoyed the day so much. celebrating huz and elly birthday in advance on the day itself. other than that, we break fast at beach rd. thats all only. =D pictures below.

10 people. ^_^

this is zen, my boyfriend :D

these are the Eminems feat skylar gray =P


myself and elly

i took this! =D

coming to end part of the post already. and so fast its September. 3 months to Dec then 2012. HAHA! alright, thanks for reading and have a nice day :D


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