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Hello! Last Friday was awesome ay. I watched the movie Johnny English. Hee. We had nothing to watch and last2 decided to catch this movie. Overall I find it it's a very good movie to watch. Comedy movie. Many funny moments along the movie. Hahaha! Really. We watched it at downtown around 5pm..

Like so fast it's already coming to an end of September. Soon. Few more weeks and tada! School will be reopen. And when school open I wanna study hard get good grades so I can go to better poly. (provided if I'm not late for school uhs) haha! Yeah, and do my best for my 2nd term in school ^_^

Apart from those above that I mentioned, I will always update my blog as usual. Which means regularly. Hee. Feel free to drop by my tumblr too. Alright till here. Takecare readers and thanks for reading :D


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