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Today was really fantastic. I had a last minute day out with Fahmi, Farridon and Sulaiman. Haha! Though it was planned by someone but it's ok since she's not able to attend.

I went out at around evening close to 6pm.. First house was Fahmi, we reached around 630pm and slacked until after maghrib.. Next house then Sulaiman.. We didn't stayed that long but her mum cooked for us BBQ chicken. Wooohooo, it was superb! Nice! (Y) and I like it so much. Haha! They both stayed at pasir ris. The last house was at punggol. Zyzy's house. I like the exterior building of her house. Awesome! Went off from last house around 11pm. Was about to go my house but then it was really late so Sulaiman and Fahmi decided to make their way home from punggol int.

As for myself and farridon, we went home together. Feeling so sleepy and falling asleep on our way home. Hahah! But overall for the day, it was great!

Until here then, thanks for reading. :D

sulaiman's house..

fahmi's house =D

that's fahmi, farridon and sulaiman :D

farridon and myself~

yeah, the last house.


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