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woohooo, its on the 14th im updating my blog. HAAH! actually idk why but days seems going so fast.

but anyway, on the 9th sept was a blast raya outing with my classmates and my bf. yeah! everyone was present and im really happy for that. more pictures in my facebook. so we went to 7 houses. HAHA! awesome. raya until 12am+. last house we left was at 12+. farridon tagged along when they came my house. *farridon sounds so VIP* by the time they reached my house it was like evening.. the first house was at yishun. i went together with zen. ^_^ last house best, got karaoke which was Elly's house. woohooo! shiok! get to eat dinner as well..

enjoy the pictures below~

end of the raya thingy. HAHA! next was on the 10th. zen happened not working on that day, so we had our day out together.. no plan at all. end up going ehub and bumped into nana, elly and naz. they all was about to catch the movie The Cat and therefore we also joined them. its 2hr movie, overall movie not bad and great. to me uhs. HAHA!

lastly, im done blogging. till then~


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