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Hello guys! oh my god, its been such a very long time since i last updated my blog, and my last updated post was on last year October. thats bad. HAHA! i often blog regularly before, or i should say, daily, but things around me made me hard to have time for blogging and therefore i have no time updating. those who constantly visit my blog and so forth, im really sorry for not updating. but since this is already the new year, im sure to blog daily and often like before i supposed =D

now i just update about what happened recently alright. so lately i've been thinking whether to rebond my hair or not. some said no some said yes, and im still fickle actually. end up i went to salon last week just to get my crown trim and unexpectedly, the hairdresser went to chopped off my fringe instead. *wtf* and now im living with bangs. hopefully it'll grow faster so i don't have to manage this bang. its so hard.

see this, yeah, i can never get easy with bangs.

moving on, about my relationship, yeah it has always been fine, im still with zen and thank god we're still together until now. my monthsary will be coming very soon. feeling excited cos zen said he has surprised for me, well i just make my day available for him on the 7th. besides that, yesterday also i was damn busy preparing school stuffs with zen for my little brothers. thanks to zen for accompanying my mum shopping to buy school stationeries. on top of that, i have yet to get my school shoes =P

yesterday also i finally went out and had dinner together with zen at kfc. otherwise we would be having our dinner at my house. HAHA! i have nothing much to update and for now, zen is currently on night shift. i appreciate the times he always dropped my house to and fro *claps* counting sheeps until the day my school reopens, which will be on the 9th.


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