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oh hello guys! sorry for not updating lately. i guess my twitter has been active for now. im happy for that. because before i wasn't active in twitter. and i guess finally i've found that twitter is the best place to tell or share something i feel most of the times..

anyway yesterday i went to catch real steel with zen and farridon at Cathay downtown. the movie was awesome and worth watching! really. those who have not yet watch should go and watch ^_^ firstly in the morning i went to school for some walk-for-rice shit event, but end up i was late and damn i missed the event. so = i go school for nothing. besides that, luckily i have some bridge leader meeting and stuffs, in the noon i had lunch with them and then slacked till 230.

not realising something was missing until at one point of time i then aware i lost my ezlink. because usually i would placed it at the back of the pocket and it happened that i wore jeans. so too bad, i lost it. congratulation for me. on the same day also i went for replacement and reports all stuffs. now i've got new one. at that time of realising i was in school so i didnt get to stay until at the end of the event, instead i left.

head down to pasir ris, met zen and went for replacement with him. no where to go and therefore we both decided to catch movie at ehub. yay! his treats. we tagged farridon along too! woohooo. movie started at 725 but we came in the hall around 740? HAHAHA! while waiting for the movie to start and also farridon to come, we had pizza =D thanks to my dear nana.

oh another thing, past few days my school had this healthy lifestyles event on the 12 and 13th. coincidentally sezairi came to my school. HAHA! so had a chance of taking picture with him and some chats for a moment. even though i wasn't into those local artists but i can say hes a friendly person. im not sure what about others but sezairi was rather friendly than i expected.

that's me and sezairi :D

this is the new iOS 5 updates of iPhone. it looks much cooler than the previous version!

that's all for today's update. im excited for tomorrow. woooohoooo ^_^gaga


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