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well i'm sorry for not updating for quite sometimes, due to school and events. finally im updating my blog now. HAHA! anyway, school has been great lately and i love it so much. few days back i was offered to be a model in the exhibition, the photographers are truly awesome! i had so much fun taking pictures, it was a two days exhibition. looking forward for another one.

this is marvellous!

beautiful girls :D

adilah & me

myself & ashraf

besides that, i have yet to plot my dates for my upcoming outdoor photoshoot. most probably i might be taking during the valentine week. talking about valentine, i also will be performing during valentine's day in my school. i can't wait for it. HAHA! excited much. i've prepared what songs to sing, still considering about bringing my guitar but to think back, its such a hassle if were to bring along. furthermore i wouldn't wanna trouble myself bringing the guitar all the way. at the moment, all i can say, im fickle.

and today, yesterday, i was doing great, at home. yes at home. yesterday i wanted to go out but it rains, oh yes, i saw rainbows too! they said there's two of them, miracle. god's creation. i managed to see it for few mins before its gone, managed to capture picture of it too.

tada! nice right?

lastly, i managed to jailbreak my iPhone. woohooo!! ^_^

alright, till here. thanks for reading and sure i'll keep updating my blog daily, hopefully =P takecare!


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