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Hello everyone! im really sorry for the soooooooooo long of not updating my blog. its due to my hectic month that i somehow had to neglect updating my blog. not only that, my exam's was drawing near and i had to like study, and at the same time complete my school assignment and task. i know the last time i updated my blog was two months back which was in Jan. that's bad. because last time i used to update my blog like so often. daily? yeah. i'll try to keep that habit again. before this also my laptop had a breakdown like fuck. dunno why it kept shutting down on its on. and i had to send it for servicing. thrice. thrice ay! then now its working back to normal. the fan also like nice only. finally can feel the wind ^_^

early feb i didnt update because i had two performance in one month. so didn't had time to update as i need to practice. i performed for valentine's day and prom night. end of feb, its was awesome. the feeling of "Finally all over". yeah. and for this march, which is like nowadays, on the 5 Mar i had my exam. now its all over. exam's are finally done and atlast! i can have fun. until april ay. wooohooo!

besides that, if some who wonders about my relationship life, it has been a tough one. yeah. hell it was really hard to overcome what had happened. i don't wish to share it here but all i can say, im still with the same guy, same person, but whole lot of different behavior. he changed after the truth was out. yes, the truth. and im still willing to continue this relationship. because like i said before, i have commitment and whatever happens, i'll not leave this relationship. sometimes i also wonder, im good at giving advices to people but when it comes to myself. down the drain. HAHA! or i guess for some people they do have the same thing as me, can advice people but when it comes to ownself, cannot make it =P and im really happy that my relationship now has been ongoing for 2yrs and 7mths. this year the 3rd year we're together and the 4th year knowing each other. wait till august the 7th, then our 3rd anniversary :D

i have some pictures to share, but most of them were uploaded in my facebook and instagram. oh yes, for some who have twitter, feel free to follow me. @queentishaa ; im really active there. lately i've been learning on how to play piano again. but usually i would play it halfway only. mostly would be the intro. guitar, like always. until now also i can't still play bar chords nor power chords. pfft. almost a year learning guitar and still cannot play such chords. awesome huh. HAHA!

i talked too much here. tmrw i shall update again. today i had a very great day. and tmrw i'll be meeting my best mate, hilman. hes been really a great friend to me. HAHA! most probably i'll be around the town tmrw, so see you around if you happen to drop by there. takecare! till then! :D i'll update again tmrw.

Enjoy the pictures, like always ^_^

this is my prom night performing with TAPK

valentine. zen myself juliana and my brother ; all real couples :D

recent photoshoot..

yeah, she's suhaidah! my best girl ♥


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