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boredom. when boring, i'll look something like the one above. this one was taken while waiting for food for dinner at Pastamania T3 with my friend, hafian. i think it was on the 6 Mar.

hello all, as said yesterday, that i'll be updating my blog daily like before, like i used to. and tada! :D now im updating it. anyway, today i stayed home. didnt go anywhere because i don't feel like going out which idk why. just feel like staying home. probably because i've went out like almost everyday? and that has made me sick and tired of it i guess.. but staying home also not bad. leisure. for me uhs. HAHA! at home also food not bad. my mum cooks nasi lemak.

at home, didn't do anything much besides cleaning my room. other than that, im always on my lappy for 24/7. like always. im supposed to complete my bridge leader admin stuffs but i have yet to do it. champion. and i have to get it done asap, but hell no.. im wasting my time forever doing something else which is unimportant.

just likeeeeeeeeeee, this! :D

yeah, this is my new display picture for my facebook and i fall inlove with it. thanks to my dear ashraf for his lovely cam that captures alot of wonderful moments.

this one, gone case. nothing do, anyhow edit. HAHA!
now let's talk about my feelings. HAHAHA! those who don't wish to know, you're please to close this site, no one gonna stop you from doing so. but if you wish to continue reading, i shall thank you later okays (:

well lately i've not been updating my blog that much, and it really feels so sick that some things, you had to keep to yourself, and at one time, you just feel like telling someone everything but you can't.. because you don't want to cause any trouble. my relationship has been going fine but i should say this, in relationship, communication is the very very very most important thing. you want to know why? becauseeeeee, its the basic common thing that every couple should have. without this, you can't bond together. so no matter what, if you love a person, no matter how busy you are, just find a little time for them. doesn't matter if its only less than 5mins. that person will feel appreciate when you do that.

reason why im sharing about this, its because i really want to see all couples to last long like me. to me, i should strongly agree that every relationship for sure you have to cry. otherwise you wouldn't be able to stay together until today, isn't it? yeah. and for this, i really hope my brother, farridon, and his girlfriend, juliana would stay strong. im happy to know that my dear brother daffi also had patched back with his ex, jannah. and sulaiman also finally found a girl. well i really hope we all last long in relationship. true its not easy to handle but it takes one true lover to know the other. it all depends whether you want it or not.

next, friendship. recently i got close with this guy, ashraf. and yeah he has been a really good friend to me i supposed. unfortunately, he's been my friend in facebook just that we didnt talk. that's normal. facebook, what can i say. people request i accept. so cannot blame. HAHA! but we got to know each other since the photoshoot. and we made a good chemistry between each other. and i love this friendship so much because even though we've known for quite few months, the relation between me and him are like more than a friend. special friend i guess? HAHAHHA! but whatever it is, i love having a friend like him. he showed me what's the meaning of caring in a friendship, and to love a person, give in, and more. which idk how to rephrase it. hehs. he takes good pictures too! and for that, i got attracted by his skill. like fuck, he is just damn good at taking picture. for me uhs =D well there's so much other things i wish to share but its getting late soon and i gotta sleep. so maybe tmrw? :D

thanks alot for taking your time to read. yeah you may find it boring and such but who cares. this blog its like my online diary and it has been here with me since i was 13 ^_^ till then~ takecare and goodnight!


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