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hi. im tisha. let's smile.

hola. i know my last update was on the friday. didn't have time to update during the weekends. and therefore blog neglected. again. but on saturday i had a great time with bf. went out to celebrate our belated monthsary. which supposed to be on the Mar 7. But its okay. due to his hectic work time, i don't really mind. we had day out watching movies together, surprisingly he loves to watch me play piano. amazing.

lately i just feel like awkward idk why. he has not been texting me much like we used to before. i couldn't anything or think negative because i have to think positive about him. his intentions were good, so i can't think bad towards him. but the way he is like wthell to me. i've been waiting for his text, because i told him to return me a text once he's back in Singapore but no.. shouldn't have wait for his text then. feel like i couldn't be bothered anymore. used to have phone calls with him every night but now, never again.

recently thanks to him, i've got attracted with bicycles. boyfriend used to suggest cycling together but i was against it. now im agreeing on it. funny huh but true. im getting probably purple pink fixie. but idk which fixie to pick. there's plenty on the website as well as in retail outside. but looks like none catch my eyes. gotta find hard i guess.. HAHA!

most probably im getting this..

this one, i like the colours of it only..

for this, actually it was a random picture because of the same bed frame as mine. HAHAHA!

looks like im going to end my post soon.. what a boring post. HAHA! oh yes, i've also just completed creating my online portfolio like finally. which im supposed to get it done since last year? but i didn't due to time constrain. sad. and since now im having holiday, i shall accept some offer assignment for photoshoot so i can complete my portfolio or expand them more which beautiful photography from photographers. the url of my portfolio is in my twitter. i won't display it here for lazy purposes. HAHAHAHA! alright till here, i'll update again soon, don't worry. cheers! thanks for reading ay! smile =D


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