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Hello everyone! I just feel today is my happiest day. First because its unexpected, I've won an iPad 2 from the school for ITE Career Fair 2011.. Amazing. Not only that, I've got myself a pastmania voucher too! :D I was too excited until I wasn't able to finish my food.. HAHA!

so happy for this! :D

Apart from that, I went to marina barrage lately with this guy, hafian. Nice guy for me. I mean, nice friend for me :D Technically we knew each other since last year, just that we didn't talk. Funny. But I like how we have many things in common. Especially in music wise and attitude. (Y)

marina barrage~

and this, thanks for picking me up after my photoshoot!

I didn't have much to update due to hectic week. Sorry. But sure I'll update again soon..


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