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Hi! im back! like finally. after a long month of holiday. tomorrow I'll be starting my school. and the most bad thing, is that I have to come school latest by 8am.. Sigh.

let me share whatever i can alright.. so actually for now im excited for tomorrow. first because i got a job as customer service officer at home team balestier.. im gonna love the job for sure.. boyfriend policeman girlfriend work under home team. cool ay? HAHA! and looks like i gotta go to and fro early in the morning as i have training for work in the morning at 10am till 12pm.. so after im done then i'll come back to school..

apart from that, things has been different after holiday.. im no longer close with the person i used to.. instead, im starting to be close to a person which i don't expect because back then, he was somehow a stranger even though i accepted his friend request in facebook last year.. at the moment, im sharing part of my life with this guy, hafian. he's really a nice guy.. well i hope he won't screw anything up in our friendship.. we'll be going to gig together for the first time.. for me, it'll be my second time going gig. moreover the reason for going is because to watch my younger brother perform for the last time.. it'll be his last gig performance.. so yeah. i would love to come together with boyfriend but sadly he's working.. on the 28th i'll be going to my friend's wedding ceremony. she's way younger than me but she's getting married first. congrats to her. finally a life for her. my turn, probably after i get degree :D

yesterday was the best thing, it was my 2yrs 8mths celebration with zen.. this year gonna be our 3rd anniversary and the 4th year of acquaintance. we'll last alright, don't worry. and im really thankful, blessed to have wonderful friends around me. i had a splendid dinner with zen at pastamania yesterday.. feels like eating again.. maybe next time we shall try seoul garden again? ;D

my friday was awesome. went to hafian's house and played ps3. enjoyed so much. reached his house around late afternoon.. had dinner together with him too. and, surprisingly he really made me fight away my ailurophobia. until now it became ailurophiles instead. amazing huh. and it really triggers me to keep one cat for myself. oh yes, i owned hafian in FIFA12! ^_^ i didn't know what team to pick so end up with manu.. 10-5! so much of his arsenal team. HAHAHA! shall see your cat again soon.. i managed to pat his cat too! ^_^ pretty cat he got.. maybe next time i should ditch away the thinking of "cat will bite or eat people".

till here then, i'll sure update again maybe tmrw? :D


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