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Hello! Lately I've been very very busy with my school since my last update until I've got no time to update my blog. And I got this urge to everytime dragged about updating my blog. HAHA. Too lazy sometimes but I really miss how much ample of time I have before..

Currently I'm so excited for this month. Been a great month for me(eventhough its only mid of the month).. Because March 4 end of school :D *H A P P Y* But that's not the end though.. I'm planning to go further but I'm unsure of whether I should progress to Poly or just take another last 2yrs in ITE. HAHA! Knowing Poly life is going to be a lil bit tougher, makes me think twice. Unlike ITE.. Rather relax pace of life compared to Poly.. Oh wells~ they said girls don't have to serve NS so there's plenty of time to complete study as long as we want.. I agree to that. Now having 4yrs of IT education is heck of a ride. From Nitec 2yrs, to Higher Nitec 2yrs.. And now coming to an end.. I still have yet to decide which to go. But first thing that comes in my mind was to go Poly.. Why I so fickle!! HAHAHA. I don't know.

Now there's another two more weeks left to complete every case study(which I have like 40% to complete them) and practical assignment on Feb 21. Sometimes I just think the weeks are going faster and faster..

Anyway, yesterday went to work.. don't know why its was so BORING. Probably because its still the CNY season.. I feel like I was rotting for the entire 4hrs at work. HAHA! Nothing to rack up. Only abit. But the irony of it is that when the store is crowded, most of us would complain the floor messy and all, but when there's not much people, also complain nothing to do. HAHA! After work meet boyfriend. Like always, working just one floor above me ;D We had nowhere to go for dinner and end up having dinner at far east. Actually I'm quite lazy to walk until far east but he dragged me all the way. So no choice. After dinner, took long way to pasir ris. We didn't take the train. Instead we took bus. Which took us almost 1hr plus to reach PR int.. Took another bus to go IKEA.. Met my family and my siblings there. Wanted to eat at the cafe but its closing. Pfft. Miss eating there. Miss the memories there. Okay shall not bring back the old times...

Okay, now there's exactly 8 more days left for me to pick which course I want to go for Poly.. I can only decide 3 of them so far.. The other 2, I don't know what to pick but I really really don't want to go school of engineering. Not my cup of tea. Just not my thing. Today must complete all my case study and I'm done. I hope boyfriend won't waste time anymore. Everyday time is so precious.


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