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Hello! I'm back! So today there's nothing much. Starting in the morning the weather was already so cooling due to the heavy rain. The rain last until evening I guess? HAHA! But shiok!

Alright so I was late for work. Nothing new =D Eventhough I've tried my best to be early for work, and also for school sometimes.. Funny thing about just now, after shower, had my lunch and yummy food from mum's cooking. She made bread toast with melted cheese inside it. After lunch, I went off to work. Not knowing the weather was terribly wet. Rained heavily. I simply had to go up back after I went down because I realised that its not possible to walk in the rain since its heavy. Well took the umbrella and went down back. Waited for bus, it took me like 10mins? Yes, it was that long.. I estimated to reach work early but end up reaching work 20mins after 230pm.

What's not good, at work, the sound system was down, so there was no music playing all the way. Which makes my working day BORING. Otherwise I'd be singing along with the music that is playing.. HAHA. Yeah, I love to sing. But only to the songs that I know =D

I didn't end work on time due to my lateness. Had to stay back for about an hour. Doesn't matter to me since my boyfriend came at about 7pm when he's supposed to come at 630pm to fetch me by right.. But nevermind, this time he had to wait for me until 730pm. Muahahaha! Usually I'm the one that has to wait for him to end because he tend to extend his working hours at times without prior notice.

So after work, we decided to go ION for dinner. Actually at first we couldn't decide where to go for dinner but we randomly picked the one nearby, happened to be Burger King.

Reached BK, boyfriend dragged me out because there was no seat available. But since I was so stubborn, I told him to wait outside while I go inside and find a seat. So coincidental that this one man just about to leave his place, yay lucky us we got ourselves a place to dine in! Next was about choosing what to eat. OMG, this part is very very picky. HAHA! First I don't know what to eat, don't know what to pick eventhough we're queuing right infront of the line.

End up ordering double turkey bacon for myself and swiss chicken I guess for boyfriend. I don't know why but the milo was nice today. HAHA!

After we're done with our dinner, nowhere to head. Wanted to find something at Rubi but the item no stock already =.= Wanted to shopping, but I'd always prefer to go to the Cotton On Vivo. Because there has much more variety of clothings! HAHA! Better.

Nothing new, head home by bus. We always used to head home to and fro by cab but now we're trying to use the bus instead of taking cab all the times =D Oh yes! I can't wait for my next driving lesson which will be on Friday, 25 Jan. Excited! ^_^ The first lesson was awesome, I pushed until 40km/h. HAHA! Shiok! Now I got the feeling of wanting to pass ASAP so that I can drive around. Hehe. But first I must pass my FTT which will be on March.. Hopefully I don't screw up my first attempt on my FTT..

Well that's all for today's update. I'm done. Going to watch this movie called "Minyak Dagu" with my younger brother, Farridon. Those who likes horror movie, must watch this!

Takecare and thanks for reading!


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