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Hi. I bet this is my first post of the year. Oh wells. I've not been updating my blog lately since last December reason because I was really hectic during the first three months since start of 2014. Before I begin my very long post, I hope you won't get tired reading my blog again. Gonna keep this blog updated like how I used to do it before. Last time I always used to blog for every single day. And since it's only the beginning of the year, I'll be constantly updating my blog again. Not sure who's gonna read my blog but doesn't matter much for me. This blog has been with me for 9 years and there are many pictures stored in this blog. Along the years, I realized people changed but memories doesn't. Since it's late night right now, I guess it's the best timing ever to update my blog. Haha. 

Alright so first thing first, maybe I'll just roughly do a quick update from jan.. The month of January has been really a good month for me. Things was good since I ever had a boyfriend until now. He has really been a very good, wonderful boyfriend for me. He was there throughout my hard times and how he managed to be my strength to keep me going every single day. And now, I'm very thankful that I'm living my life happily and peacefully without having to think about my past anymore. 

February. It was the sweetest month of all months. For valentine, he spent all of his time on me. I couldn't describe how much he's willing to give me his time just to see a smile on my face. Every single day he never fails to make me happy. Yes there are some misunderstanding, arguments and so forth but I am very lucky to have him. For each mistake he made, never a time he would repeat them again. I could see how much he actually loves me from start. He really value me and treasure me for who I am. Those hard times we had during the first few months of relationship, so glad that he stayed eventhough I did tried to push him away. We spent so much time together for almost every single day. Nevertheless, he is one of the best for me. 

Now at the current month, it is a wonderful month so far for me. I've never had sucha great partner before. Yes I was in a long term relationship for 4 years but shit happens and I don't wish to repeat nor share about what or why it happened. It's in my previous post. For now I know I'm blessed with what I have. Haven't got the chance to share and post many things on my blog about my new life. New people. Everything's new now. Not forgetting, new year. Probably I'll continue sharing about it the following day. 

Right now I can't sleep. Well something happened out of the blue and I can't seem to get intouch with my boyfriend at the moment and this brings much worries to me. However I'm glad that he somehow tried to find ways to reach me and how lucky he actually managed to contact me before he goes to sleep. I hope I could do something about it tomorrow. Kinda worried. Sigh. 


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