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I'm back again. Well what's new. Right now I'm blogging through my phone cause I think it's much more better? So weird. Idk why. Last time I always prefer blogging on my laptop but now I guess things changed. Haha. I suddenly felt like I have so much things to talk about whenever I hold my phone. Sounds weird but that's how I really feel. 

You know looking back at my previous update, it makes me think that time really waits for no men. I didn't even realized that the weeks has gone so fast. For each and every post I've always keep a note to myself that I'll be updating my blog soon but looks like I'm not doing it. I wonder where has my precious times goes to. Last time I've always have the time to really sit down, blog and share my thoughts in my blog but now, I don't have that time anymore. Is it because I'm working already? I don't know. Or am I really that busy? I myself can't tell. But today I took abit of my time to express my thoughts again in this blog. I hope I can do this more often. It really helps to ease myself whenever I start to blog about some things. Especially those things that's bothering me. 

It's December already and the last I blogged was on November. See? I didn't even notice how fast the weeks have passed. But anyway, it's a new month already. However, last month November has been a good month for me. Things were so fine ever since I met this somebody. You know the feeling when someone's presence really means alot to you? Yeah that. It nice knowing him over the months. Sometimes I feel so much blessed for this. Having good friends around, wonderful family, and my sweet lovely somebody. I'm thankful that these people bring joy to myself despite the problems I have. Especially to my somebody, he has really been a good partner to me so far. 

Eventhough it's only like few months we got to know each other, I really felt that there's chemistry between us. Yes I realized that you're always occupied most of the times but I appreciate you dividing your time for me too. Sometimes I know that I'm busy but no matter how busy I am, I always make time for you too. And so far, until today I'm really glad that you're still with me. I know we did had those stupid arguments but I hope you won't stop learning me. I hope you won't give up on me. It may be hard for you now but I promise that things will be easy in time to come. I won't stop learning you too. As long as you're trying, I'm staying. 

Can't believe it's the last month of 2013 already. Thinking back about 2012 and now, things has changed. Yes, it's only a year and things really changed. But what's more important is that I'm happy now. Regardless of whatever changes that has happened, I'll take it as it's the fragment of life. Till now, it's good to know that I have most of my friends to count on. Whenever I need someone, there's sure be somebody comforting me and all. I'm really blessed to have them. It's only 27 days away to 2014. I can't wait. Most probably I'll be spending my time with my love ones for countdown. Actually still contemplating whether to go the beach party at Siloso or not. Hahaha. I'm just particular about having music around. I feel like going cause there'll be music. And the atmosphere sure be damn fun. That's why I'm looking forward to go haha. But on another part, somebody loves me so much that he doesn't agree with me going for all these. But it's okay. I have nothing against that though. Oh yes another thing is, fireworks! Yes fireworks! I hope that I can watch them this coming countdown. And this Sunday, I'll be going to adventure cove. Sound so fun I can't even wait. What else I'm looking forward for 2014, school! Yeah! I can't wait to go back to school. Hopefully I'll be getting myself into a good poly. So much good things coming ahead. I hope coming 2014 will be a better year for me. 

Here are just some pictures taken on last Sunday with my dear lovely friends. We had a wonderful dinner at pizza hut before sending two of our friends off to camp. 


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