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I feel like the weeks are moving faster. Well by right I'm supposed to update my blog more frequently but then again, maybe because I was busy, I guess I had no time to update that often. But anyway, so far my life has been pretty good. With the things around and having wonderful friends who cared about me, to sum up, it's really a bliss for me. Contented much.

My weekends are usually occupied and so does my weekdays. Right after work I'd probably be meeting my friends for some quick catch up or sometimes I'd meet Khai. These few weeks also I've been doing quite numbers of shopping lately. HAHAHA! I can't stop looking at pretty clothes, it'd just make me wanna buy them. I need more heels too. With someone that likes to see me wearing high cut sneaker, maybe I should get more of them too.

Well last Sunday I had a good day at USS, for the second time. The first was the one during Halloween Horror Nights with my classmates all. The second time was rather fun, I went with Khai. But then we didn't spent much time there because we both went out late. HAHAHA! As planned, we're supposed to meet in the afternoon but end up on the day itself we met around late noon? Like almost 4pm I guess? He was late at first and I didn't expect that I'd be there even much later than him. Amazing. So instead of me waiting for him, it turns out to be the other way round. Didn't had proper lunch but it's okay, wasn't that really hungry.

Brought my camera along but sadly it died halfway. Luckily it died just like right after we're done with everything. I even took videos but I won't upload here. HAHA. Oh I have yet to do my first keek! Maybe soon.. Below are just all of the pictures taken last Sunday at USS.

The first we went to was The Transformer Ride! It was really really fun like I can take another 10 rides of it. Better than The Mummy. We didn't take The Mummy ride though because the last time I went for that ride, it gives me like headache :( So this time we didn't went..

After the ride, I decided to buy some gifts for my little brothers since they didn't come along with me.. There's so much things that attract me, I mean, so many nice stuffs such as pillows, mugs and bottles all..

I don't know why but I really like this picture of myself haha

After the ride, we took some pictures with this car. It was really nice, looks so real though. I guess one two shots is never enough for me.

Next we went to Treasure Hunters. Not sure what it is but we just went to take a ride. HAHAHA! It was boring but luckily there's like beautiful scenery to look at..

Yeah, half way queuing we then noticed about the parade. I also didn't remember about the parade thing. But I managed to take pictures of it from far. HAHAHAHA!

Jurassic Park ride was awesome cause we end up getting ourself wet! HAHAHHAHA! I didn't expect the ride would be that fun though. I love the last part cause there's like a downride slide. So fun!

Next we went to Far Far Away. It's all about Shrek! I remember watching the movie back then when I was like...... 13 I guess? This one was awesome because it was in 4D!

End of the pictures. Cause by then my batt died already. After USS we decided to have our dinner at the Habourfront Centre. Had delicious chicken rice black pepper. The taste has always been the same over the years. Love it!

After dinner he accompanied me shopping. I always end up buying the clothes I didn't plan to buy. We then had our time together at the sky garden, beautiful scenery. At the end of the day my parents was so kind to pick us up.

Oh he treats me and my siblings some nice blended drinks from Coffee Bean. But I guess his drinks are much nicer than mine. HAHAHA! Should've pick double chocolate.

As for today, I'm on MC. It's the same for yesterday too. Don't feel so good to go for work and therefore I decided to take MC. I can't wait for December. So much good things are coming ahead. What's more, new year is coming too. Hopefully this year I can go countdown and watch the fireworks. I just love seeing fireworks. It makes me happy whenever I see them.


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