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Hello everybody! I'm back! November has been really a good month for me so far. The first week has ended. So fast but really, I enjoyed the week.

Well I'm just gonna do a quick recap about last Thursday. I went to Cineleisure after work with my bestfriend, Naz. Actually that was really an impromptu meet up. He was contemplating whether to fetch me or not but end up we just meet at town instead. HAHA! So he went to accompany me to F21 to find some dresses for myself as I couldn't seem to find the size of the dress at Vivo that day. It was just a quick window shopping, we had our dinner before that though. So after strolling, we just walked around Cineleisure. Coincidentally there's something that caught my attention, so I decided to take a photo with them. HAHAHA!

She went like "Where's B2?" HAHAHHA!

HAHAHHA! For once I think I got so excited to see B1 in person.

Alright moving on, my weekend. Saturday. It was the most fun ever day I've ever had. Had a day out with my classmates and friends to USS for Halloween. Didn't expect few of my friends would turn up. Amazing. To start off, in the afternoon, meet up with my dear girl, Angeline at Aljunied mrt stn. We then waited for the rest to reach. Meanwhile, we managed to take some pictures to kill time. HAHA!

Surprisingly they reached like 5mins after everyone has reached. We decided to take the same train but they went out too fast. So end up we had to wait for the next train..

That's me, Adeline (they called it my laughing gas because when we meet we eventually will keep on laughing and laughing) and beside Adeline is Mia, then Angeline.

When everyone has reached, we decided to take another photo. HAHAHA! I can't resist not to take any pictures actually. Whenever I go out it's like a must for me to take picture idk why.

That's Leonard, Boon Choon, and the girls that I mentioned earlier =D these are my classmates.

Well even on trains we had to take pictures too! HAHA

From Aljunied we took train to Outram and then change train, towards Habourfront. We reached Habourfront at about 545pm like that.. Went to meet my friends too, Aan and Fish. They were there since 430pm. HAHA! When I told Aan to be at Habourfront at 5pm. Actually I didn't expect him to come but its good to see in the end he showed up =D

We then went to food court to have our dinner... I didn't buy anything for myself since I already had my lunch earlier before I went out.. Around 630pm then my friend Khai reached. Oh I thought he's the last one to reach but unexpectedly no. There's another one of my friend that came on that day. HAHA!

While waiting for the rest to finish their food, I took pictures again =D Simply had to use Khai's iPhone 5 to take pictures because his phone front cam was too good for me compared to mine. HAHA! The front cam looks like the back cam of my phone! How can I not use his phone for camera. Furthermore his phone also doesn't lag. Unlike mine.

I like this, I think because of my fingers. HAHHAHA

Okay so after the food court we went to Koi, bought some drinks for us before we head to the Sentosa boardwalk.. 

Had some times with my classmates and my friends outside Vivo while waiting for another two of my classmates to reach.. 

It was almost 7pm they reached. Like finally. So after everyone was there, I thought we could make our way already but noooooo. There's another one of my friend coming, remember the one I mentioned just now? Yeah, actually by right I thought Khai was the last one to reach but in the end not. It's good to add one more though. Hehe.

Seems like never ending, we took some pictures again...

These are all the girls for the day ^.^

After few shots, until Aan had to suggest using the Magnum as our background. HAHAHA! What a suggestion but not bad. Hehe. It turns out nice!

Thank god that I brought my cam along. This picture looks much better (:

HAHA! After the class pictures I decided to take some pictures again with Khai.

Yay it's me =D

Somehow I think the time ticked quite fast.. By the time we reached USS it was like going almost 730pm already..

That's leeya, Aan, myself and Khai =D

I find this picture nice.. hehe

When we reached USS, it looks like there's zombies everywhere! So fun! HAHHAHA! But this Khai and Aan got abit scared though. They're so funny.

Yay USS globe, we met again!

I had no idea what's the space so much for on the left. HAHA

Yay here's a photo of everyone =D

Don't mind the quality of the video. It's dark but I just recorded it. HAHA

Had some pictures taken with Leeya.. After long time, it's good to see you again! =D

Too much people around but I don't care. HAHAH

This is just the entrance picture of it

HAHAHA! I remembered the girl who helped us took this photo got lil bit frustrated because there's person keep blocking her view that she had to retake few times.

This one just a short clip, I also dunno why I stopped the record halfway haha

This is the entrance. Filled with music. So cool and I liked it!

As a start, we're actually given a map but sadly I didn't remember to take a photo of it. So somehow I had to copy paste this map here to my post.. 

There's like 6 different places of haunted attractions. We went almost all of them except for one because the queue was quite long, around an hour? We decided to skip that.. Other than that, we took the rides and went to see the shows too.

Here's a full map of it

First place right after we entered, we decided to go Monster Rock and catch some show..

Here's the view of it. We're sitted right at the very back of the hall..

Below are some videos that I recorded. You can play if you want too. But the first one was dark. So you can't really see anything other than my voice haha!

We didn't stay throughout the show because it was music and music. And furthermore we don't want to waste time so we decided to go off. Sat there for about 15mins I guess? Not even close to half an hour we went off already.. HAHAHA! Can't wait to see the ghost I guess.

Off from the hall, we took some pictures..

This one was really a quick snap, thanks to Khai for this. HAHA! I think like almost everywhere I passby I got this urge to keep taking pictures..

Oh yes! The next one we went was Adrift!

Well we had to queue for about half an hour? But glad that the queue was moving rather fast.. I thought we had to queue and wait for long but surprisingly no.. Lucky.

Along the queue, and again, I just can't stop taking pictures.. HAHAHA

This one I was too bored of queuing so I decided to record video

Oh this one also, it's dark.

Thanks to my camera for the flash it was better =D

Okay the guy on the right is Fad, he was the last person to reach. HAHAHA

Just another photo of us taken by my classmate ;D

Almost reaching then I decided to take a photo of Adrift..

Can't see anything. Too dark but I just took it.

I didn't took any videos or anything when I went inside. So I just enjoyed myself in there. It was really fun and the most fun was to disturb Khai along the way. HAHAHA! The props and the settings of it was really nice. Not to forget, Aan and Fad was terribly scared too. I can't help it but to just laughed =P

So after the Adrift, further down was Attack of the Vampires.. Where all you see was Vampires everywhere and zombie-like. It was fun too. Going around and got scared by the vampires. haha. The place was not lighted but there's like abit flash of lights only..

After the attack of the vampires, I actually got lost touch with my classmates. So from here we went separate ways.. I guess it was too dark and that's why we were separated.. But it's okay..

Next, we decided to walk around for awhile.. Somewhere around Chill-out Zone..

This one I asked them to take my picture, but they end up taking photo of themselves! HAHAHA

This one was quite nice too! ^.^

I didn't took that ride cause all I see was round and round. I dowan to become like my Bangkok trip, the ride that I took which goes round and round and I ended up vomiting after the ride. HAHA! So this ride, I skipped.

Along the way, watch some performance, good music!

It's like zombie having performance hahha

Next we passby this, and decided to take the mummy ride! Didn't know that we have to be totally handsfree. We had to put all our stuffs in the locker..

While queuing, I took this... Looks so cool

We had to climb up the stairs for this ride! HAHAHHAHA

After the ride, my head was pounding actually. HAHAHA! The ride was rough I guess. We then decided to go forbidden forest after that.. It was really hell of a forest I can say. HAHAHAH! I don't wish to share why but I had fun =D

Next, in order to go this haunted house, we had to passby the Forbidden Forest.. Somehow we didn't manage to go this house because we wouldn't want to leave one of our friend behind. He's just too scared to go in. We gave this a skip. HAHA

After some rounds of walking, we passby convention of curses..

We watched them performed too!

Somehow we didn't stayed till the end..

Walking out, we saw this and decided to take picture again

Oh yes! Next we went to the Transformers ride! It was really really really tremendous! I feel like going here again and again. So cool! The ride was in 3D! I just love this ride so much. Amazing!

Went to queue for this ride with Leeya. What a queue because along the queue there's this annoying lady being ridiculous with us. Pfft.


Video again in the middle of the queue. Hahahaha

And pictures of us again..

I saw Bumblebee! =D

HAHAHAHHA! This one was so funny, I kept pestering him to take picture again and again and I guess he somehow got agitated over it. Hahaha

Nice isn't it?

I find this abit creepy idk why. Maybe because she's too tall for me. HAHAHHA

And I wasn't ready for this. What a face. Hahaha

This one, she's like trying to scare me but I'm not scared. Hahah

Photo with the twin sisters =D

After this, we went for a walkabout again to and fro and decided to chill awhile.. it was like around 1130pm already.. I was contemplating whether to go home or not but it's okay. Luckily my mum was in a good mood. Cause I got home quite late. Like 230am? HAHAHAHA

Okay below just pictures of Khai with the vehicle.. He somehow got excited when he saw this actually. I had no idea why. HAHAHA

When we're done with chilling all, we decided to take the madagascar river boat ride..

And Fad at the back always like to photo bomb. HAHA

It was just a chilling ride about 10mins I guess? Along the ride we got abit splashed by the water. HAHAHAHA. I remember I got panicked when I saw the waterfall during the ride cause I thought we're all gonna get wet but luckily no..

Next we went to take another ride.. It was really a good roller coaster ride. Awesome ride but quick one. Gaaaah. They should've make slightly longer. Hahahahha

And this was the last ride, Canopy Flyer!

Almost towards the end already...

Oh this was funny, when we were walking back, these two actually called me. HAHAHAAH! They simply had to compliment me and said to my friends that they wanted to take me back home with them. I didn't expect that my friends would agreed and give me to them. HAHAHAHA!

On my way back, this tall man was disturbing me.. So I decided to just took a photo with him. Was too tired already by then..

Below was the effect of the UV ray light. So cool! We did passby here earlier but didn't notice of the effect. When we're on our way back, then we realized. So cool! I got freaked when I see Khai because he looks so different! HAHAHHAHA! Like vampire.

This is Aan

This is me. HAHAHA

Okay that's the end of it. We went off at about 1am I guess? Too tired already. Took the boardwalk towards the Vivo bus stop.. I had no idea whether to take the night rider or not. End up I booked cab since my friends said it'll take quite a longer time if I were to wait for a cab..

I didn't went straight home, decided to buy supper for my siblings at Mac.. End up I got home almost 230am. HAHAHA! It was really a lovely day I had. And as for my Sunday, I didn't went to anywhere. Stayed home. Too tired to go out. Okay next one I want to catch a movie, Thor. I'll be going to USS again soon though. Couldn't get enough of it. Hehe. Too fun.

Thanks for reading! I'll update again soon alright. Takecare! Cheers =D


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