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Hi everyone! I know it has been awhile since I last been into blogging. Now I'm back! Yeah, I feel good about it too actually. Been on hiatus for quite sometimes I guess. Sorry to keep you guys waiting for my updates. 

Life has been rather tough for me ever since I last stopped blogging. So that's why I decided not to blog for awhile. But now I'm doing good. Yes, learning to smile back again, picking myself back up again etc. All those pieces pieces shit kinda things. HAHAHA. I remembered the last I blogged was on August. Yeah, August has been quite a very tough month for me I should say. But after the month which was September, surprisingly it has been good. Things started to fall back into place slowly.. It really really takes alot of time for me to bloody move on. Yes, every single day, ever since the breakup I've been telling myself to move on, move on, and keep moving on. It's not that easy you know eventhough the breakup took place around end of June.. To think back, it has been almost 4 months I'm single. Eventhough it has been 4 months, still I can say it wasn't an easy thing to just move on.. Every single day it's like I'm battling with myself not to think about it as it constantly making me worry and depressed whenever I think about it. It's not like I want to think about it or what but the thoughts of it just keep coming and there was no way for me to stop it but I guess what people say is true, "it takes time to recover" or perhaps "time heals everything". Throughout the time, of course I keep myself as much busy as I can, doing things for family and myself too, hoping that I'd be able to smile and be happy back again like how I used to. For now it'd be a lie if I say that I'm all fine etc. Truthfully, I'm still hurt whenever I came across the thoughts of it but oh wells, life has to move on right? And I believe that I have to be strong. Having wonderful friends around me, keeping me occupied and happy almost all the times, really I appreciate these kind of people. Bringing me out, make stupid jokes over something and most importantly, my mum. She has been encouraging me to move on without fail. She's just amazing mum I can say. I used to think she doesn't understand me etc but yeah, who doesn't think that way right? Well when things starts to hit me so badly, she was there to give me courage to live my life like how I used to before I met my ex. Things were so different right now and I'm glad that I'm adapting to it.

Alright so this post gonna be just like another long grandmother story post. Since I long time didn't update my blog right, so I do a quick share okay? Starting September.....

Okay so September, I was supposed to attend Justin Bieber concet with somebody but the planned got screwed up. Nevermind. What I'm happy about was I attended his concert! I saw Justin Bieber live! Yay! HAHAHHHHA! Actually I was very very excited. It was on the 23 September I went to Justin Bieber concert with my old friends. I'm so glad that I went with them. It was really really impromptu though. 

Right after work, I went to meet up with my friends at City Hall. Oh by right we wanted to have our dinner but due to time constrain, we decided not to, and just bought some junk foods instead... Well didn't know the entrance was that far. We actually had to walk one big round just to reach the padang -.- Yes, it's that far. Once we reached there, there's music and all, it was so nice. It's my first time attending concert though. I missed Justin's first concert so this time I wouldn't wanna give it a miss. Hehe. 

We took many pictures, sing along and all before Justin appear. HAHAHA. Its really been such a long time since I last took a photo with my friends. Much misses.

Oh yes I love taking pictures of myself. HAHAHA

This was the countdown before Justin appear on stage

So I did recorded a video from start.. HAHAHAH JUSTIN IS JUST SO HOT

This is Syafinah, my primary school friend. So glad to meet her on that day..

So this is me! =D

This is my another friend too, Khairul (; that happy go lucky guy. HAHA

HAHAHAH! This one I anyhow take =P Don't mind the faces. Hee

The concert lasted for about 1hr 30mins. Worth my time. HAHAHAH! I wish it was longer but it's okay, I really enjoyed myself so much on that day. Seeing Justin performed on stage. Amazing performance. Well I hope if next time there's another concert from Justin, I'll sure be coming again. Looking forward.

That's the only best day ever of the year of the month. HAHAHA.

Moving on.. October, new month. Its always something I've been looking forward whenever it comes to a new month. Always wish for something good, despite the sucky past months I have. I don't know but many of my friends been saying that I'm strong. I hardly believe that but maybe its true? HAHAHAHA. Strong like the man of steel. HAHAHAHHA! Must wait for the time I set some goals for myself. Now I still want to enjoy my life first and be happy. Enjoy as in, keeping myself happy. Not those enjoy enjoy breaking people's heart eh. Haha! Being single is something new to me. Slowly adapting to it....... hahahha

Usually whenever I got nothing better to do right, I'd occupy myself with selfies and more selfies. Oh yeah! I just trimmed my hair too! It looks abit shorter with better hair ends. Hehe. I was planning to cut off my fringe actually, but still considering on it.

Okay this one below was taken right after movie. We always have this impromptu plan whenever we meet up, just like, we don't have to plan where to go or anything, we just go. Because sometimes what we planned turns out to be different when we meet up. HAHAHA

I just love my hair! The braids I did it myself. Hehe.

Ah this one was taken by using his iPhone 5. This is why I always like using his phone to take selfies and other pictures of foods. It looks so good.

Below pictures was taken quite recent I can say. I got nothing to do, was bored. Just finished my dinner at IKEA while waiting for my friend Naz to end work.. HAHA. I like my eyebrow so much I don't know why. In time to come I guess I see myself dating with myself. HAHAHAHA. Wth. I remembered I ate quite alot. Because been quite long time since I had Ikea food..

Just see my face okay? And my eyebrow. HAHAHAHA

Alright another one is taken last Thursday. I was really feeling unwell due to stuffy nose. Had a bad flu and it bleeds early in the morning. So I decided to go doctor and get some medicine. I got my favourite pills. Lucky. HAHAAHHA! Got 2 days of MC. So it's as good as holiday for me from Thursday to Sunday. HAHAHHA

I don't know why but I'm starting to like bunning up my hair. HAHAHHA. Maybe cause it gets messy that's why.

Okay here comes my last Friday......

I was invited to go for some kpop concert at Expo. Khai invited me to go. As much as I didn't wanted to go but oh wells, because he went for my Justin, so its likka pay back time. HAHAHHA. Eventhough I had the choice not to go but I'll feel bad if I didn't turn up. So end up I just went to the concert. It was Apink's concert. Somebody likes apink so much. HAHAHHAHA

I love my shades! Hehe

Right, so I reached the place at about almost evening actually. Always late. We planned to meet up around 3pm but I end up reaching the place around 430 I think? Can't remember.. Close to 5pm I guess.. Luckily I wasn't that very late because if I do, he's gonna be mad at me I guess. Probably we're going to miss the opening ceremony also.

So before the show starts, I had nothing to do and therefore I decided to take some photos of us. HAHAHHA. It was really crowded but hell, who cares. HAHAHAH. I was busy taking pictures all along..

He simply had to spoil my pictures with his hands and unnecessary expression on the other picture. HAHHAHA

Now this one the shadow spoiler. HAHAHAH.
I like this picture of us. Maybe because of my face looks good. HAHAHHA

So before Apink appeared on stage, there was some opening performances going on.. I did took some pictures and videos too! They sang this chan mali chan song. HAHAHAH

That's not all, there's still another talk after the performance. I don't know what kind of talk but I was busy taking pictures after pictures.

After the talk, there was a taekwondo performance for awhile..

I thought after the performance probably apink will show up but noooooo... Not yet done.. HAHAHAHA Nu'est was there to perform too.

And lastly, TADA! APINK! HAHAHAHHA! They're just so pinky. No valid reason for me to like them but maybe they're so pink that's why I liked them. For some reason, especially Eunji. HAHAHHA. They had some talks with Apink during the opening ceremony before their concert which was in an hour time..

Then this group of kids appeared again on stage! Choir group like that...

After an hour has passed, they played some videos before Apink appeared on stage.. Well there's videos and pictures of them below =D

 After their performances, they had this Q&A with APink. All sort of questions from the grounds and some from their fans..

After the Q&A, they performed again..

And lastly, they had this lucky draw thing going on.. The lucky ones will get some gift from them and be on stage to meet them in person. So good.

After the session, there's group photo taking together with all of their fans. They're just so pinky throughout their concert. HAHAHA

Its a wrap! So after the concert, I had dinner with Khai. Bought myself Nasi Briyani. I didn't know that I actually finished it. Surprisingly Khai finished his food too. Eventhough he loss his appetite, I guess APink gave him some encouragement somehow. HAHAHA

This is mine, and it tasted so good!

That's the end of my Friday. Now here's my Saturday....

Had a catch up session with my old good friend, Fahmi. Went to meet him together with my younger brother, Farridon.. We had a great talk at Starbucks Bugis..

Bought myself java chips!

After we're done, went for a walk and took some pictures. He have yet to send me. Maybe when he send me already I'll upload here okay? After the walk, he went off and my friend Naz came. HAHAHA! Sucha funny friend. Well, by right we're supposed to go the event at National Library, that's why Naz came but end up due to the long queue, we gave up and went to the Asian Civilization Museum instead. It was damn good!

This one very funny, walked around the mall and I guess I got excited after I noticed that I saw APink on screen, so I decided to take a picture of it. HAHAHAHA

Yes this was the one! But end up we never go.

This is the museum we went to instead.. We took cab here from the National Library. Lazy to travel by bus. HAHA

Took some photos with the ghost all..

Brought home something, me and my brother only hahaha. Naz was too lazy to do it.

The green is mine, the black is my brother's one. Mine like shit. HAHAHA

Second round also like shit. HAHAHA

Okay so that's the end of the day. My Saturday. It was good. Really good. And my Sunday too! Okay thanks for reading and have a good day! I'll update again tomorrow okay. I can't wait for 2 Nov. Will be going to Halloween at USS ^.^


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