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finallii maie camp has ended.(:
o9 march till 11 march o7.

sucha nice camp.
maie pleasure tuhh train dem.(x
last tyme iie BE cadet kena scold.
iie BE instructor scold dhe cadet...
fun rite.(D
but must scold ferr reason larh.

iie just can describe dhe ferst thu daes.
it was terrible.
maie fwen cried.
iie cried.
we almost book out frm dat camp.
with maie encourage...
iie manage tuhh pull dem frm bookin out.
it was a tough camp.

on dhe third dae..
iie rilii enjoy..
coz.. earlii in dhe morning..
sum uf maie fwen goin ferr dhe cyclin course.
iie rilii gort lotsa fun thre.
iie learn niew things thre.

back tuhh skool..
we gort lots uf conflicts..
some uf us cuden sae ntink.
coz we r nod in dhe picture.
dhe conflicts affect their fwenship.
sou sad..
iie rilii hope euus all r okeh.

before dhe camp ended.
we took some picsa.(:
weee fun.
wif maie DARLINGs cadet.
iie went home wyf tiredness.
n heavii bag.

iie rilii enjoy dhe camp.(x
hope dhe cadet learn smtg.


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