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yestdae iie gort compliment fer attire check.(x
neat marh.hee.
iie clip maie fringe dhe entire dae sia.
tumoro stil gort chem test.
haven revise yet.
hope iie pass. =p

den at nyte gort dhis guy larh.
dono hu.
msg muie wana noe muie.
den he told muie he noe evitink bt muie.
enn he said iie oso noe hym.
bt actualii iie dono hym.
he wana noe muie bt he noe bt me.
he noe iie wad skool+hu ishh maie form tcher+wad class.
wad sia.
ask hym hu gib maie num.
he dunch wana tel.
he guhh enn DIE larh.

hes luckii dat im nod being NASTII.
towards hym.


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