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iie dono sdnli iie cant guhh wthout euus.
euus r smtg special eyn maie lyfe.
wadeva it is iie still want euus.
iie noe its hard fer euus tuhh remain.
muie tuhh..

how iie wish if euus r owaes by maie side.
iie just want smtg frm euus.
just tuhh let euus noe..
iie will owaes LERV euus no matter wad.

euus redi make maie lyfe so wonderful.
iie dunch wan euus tuhh lyf muie.
pls.. dunch lyf muie.
if euus r nod eyn maie lyfe..
its hard fer muie tuhh ferget euus.
how hard iie try..
iie still cant ferget euus.
pls iie NID euus.
FEREVER eyn maie lyfe.


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