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see larh iie shout sou manii
until gort sore throat sia..
pain sehh..

tudae ishh sou fun larh.
after skool guhh armii market.
wyf priscilla.
den after dat guhh burger king.
iie pity hurr sia..
she eat sou rushinn
coz she noe shes gonna BE late.
too bad.
but she sae she still wanna take cab.

wen arrive..
gort ppl faint sia..
we guhh help uhh.
dis ishh maie ferst tyme sehh hold stretcher.
sumore nort dummy euus noe.
real ppl lerh.

den iie ponteng.
nva come for speech dae training.
hahaa. (x

it seems lyke tudae ishh a tirin dae.


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