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today was fun fr me..
went to mit fadly at causeway at 10am..
but.. he didnt cum ..
it was lucky tht i went to cal his hm..
indeed, he was still sleeping..
omg.. & his late.. agn! :x
so his maid said she did tried waking him up..
but.. like owaes.. he sure nver wake one..
so.. his grndma pickup th fone..
she told me.. fadly refused to wake up..
if can cum thre..
well, iie was rather shock..
so, went thre & th maid pick me up..
& tht tyme was heavily rain..
dammit iie frgt bring umbrella..
but luckily th tyme wen th maid pick me up,
she did bring along umbrella..
did chat w th maid.. it was fun ..really.

went iiem at his hse,
arnd 11am..
omg.! ferst, saw th babyboy..
& it was fweaking cute lurhs..
look alike like his brother.. -fadly.
hahas.. well, th maid did wake him & told tht iiem at his hse..
ferst, he not bothered to noe..
then, using my technique, -hahas. iie woke him.
okay. & ths is whad happen..
he was shock & wonder hw cum iie noe his hse.
while waiting fr him, iie did gort th chance to chat w th grandma too..
kehh.. thn play w his babyboy..
th babyboy was like soooooo gud cos he didnt cried..
prfect indeed.!
ohh yeahh, thn th maid ferst serve fr me cold drinks..
bt iie said it was okay.. omg. she did serve another drink fr me..
hot milo.. app it lots.
& fried food.. -delicious nwae. :D
blablabla.. hes done at 11.30am.
okay lurhs th tyme doesnt matter fr me..

like owaes.. iie noe u like my treats! hahas. xD
ferst place went to causeway w him..
thn go mcd..thn bought slurpee at 711..
....took mrt to bugis..
i planned to catch a movie..
but he knows i owaes go other place thn going th place tht i want go shpping..
hoho..so went to bugis ..
iie bought suspender.! finally yey!
app it lots cos he had accompany me to go shopping at bugis w me..
well, aft tht just window shopping w him..
thn go back to causeway cos th mum & th sister want catch a movie..
coincidence.. since he asked so i joined.
& it was shocking cos th mum was treating th mv tix.
he went to invite his fwen..
so while waiting fr thm,
like usual.. camwhore . -yay!!
picts wil be uploaded when iiev finished editing it. :D

so.. done. he went to mit his fwen & iie went w his mum & his sister..
he wil be cuming ltr..
chat2 w th mum & sis.. fun lurhs.!
wea catching th mv 'congkak' at 4.40pm.
hahas.. in th cinema iie sat beside th sister & fadly..
so iie was in th middle..
th story was a horror one.. & lots uf shocking nwae.
xD yeahh!
fun fun.. but since he sat bside me,
it was vry2 noisy.. cos he bside him was his fwen..
okay. not only him. th bck ppl oso same. gawd.
iie didnt finished up my drinks.. it was like so many left.
so iie gave him.
th mv ends at 6.10pm..

aft tht went to action city ..
thn iie went hm.!
okay. this 31mayo8 was fun.
seriously. though it was a tiring day fr me too.
but tht doesnt matter much.
enjoying th moments w you was fun.
honestly. to th max fadly. :D

& nw im tired. zzzz.. -.-


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