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hello all!
didnt blog fr so many days.
cos iie was lz..

tht sunday..
went to causeway to mit fadly..
was rather fun thn th ferst tyme iie met him..
he was funny..enjoying..
did camwhore w him..
mayb aft iie edit thn iiel put it here kays.

iie waited fr him fr like arnd 1hr..
just enuf fr me to go banquet and eat alone while waiting fr him..
wen iie came back,
he wasnt thre..
so was abt to go timezone he came..
lucky huh?! -ahahs. xD

thn he accompany me go timezone..
thn slack2.. he call his fwen..
so while waiting we chat2..
take photo..sing2..
he was rather fun to be with.
im enjoying each tyme im with him.
it was vry2 fun.

~blogging agn wen iiem fwe.
`hols ardd. but hev to cum skwl.
-gort exam. urghhh shit! :x


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