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yaw! :D
ystrday was fun.

had my hair stylize at one of th salon..
aft tht,
arnd 6.30+ i guess..
then went to meet dom & keith arnd my area..
slack till like 7.30pm..
& thanks fr sending me bck hm guys.
app it much.
nxt tyme teach me more german lang aye?
hehe XD
u guys rawks baybeh! :D

aft went home, do some stuffs.
& half-way,
i slept.
sorry guys. didnt rply msg & ans calls..
was way to tired.
=.=' zzzz.
& esp to dom,
my bad fr making u constantly calling fr me.
and so,
woke up arnd midnite.
dom & keith wishta borrow my bike.
so yea,
they came at my hse staircase thre..
slack fr awhile..
till like 5am+,
then i asked em to go hm..
since dom gt skwl ltr..

well, dudes, nice slacking w u all.
it was fun.
& to dom,
cya tmrw aite :D
i knw u want fun.
hah. & u knw hw lame am i.

kaes, sry fr nt meeting u today dom.
but nwae,
cya tmrw aite.
tcares ~


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