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jyeah, its like been a wk since i didnt blog ntink..
been busy ppls.
oh yea,
and nw,
im gon do a veh long post..
i can say, its gon be interesting..
cos imma write wdeva happening during my class chalet..
which was at costa sand dwntown..
im gon start with on th 25th..
but bfore tht, these are th photos taken on th last day of skwl.
which was on th 20th mar..

ezum!! my best secret partner!! :D {/unedited}

rizal!! my funny partner! :D {/unedited}

this one i edit..bside him is th lil bro..
try to compare em..
arent they look alike? haha. XD

hakim!! my funny friend! :D {/unedited}

alright, thts all fr th last day.

25th mar.
kaes, first, went fr a dialouge session training..
started at 8..but i came at 8.30 i guess..
i brought my bag fr th chalet..
& then, stuffs it into my locker.
didnt knw it fits.
aft th thing end at 11.30am..
while w8-ing fr farah to reach skwl,
i planned to buy lunch.
broad up th wrong bus.
so end up,
didnt buy anything.
wth. im hungry.
but nehmind.
so yeah..took bus back to skwl..
met farah arnd 1.30..
took my bag frm locker.
then off with farah.
first, took 65 then, was abt to stop at eunos int..
but then,
we stopped at ubi thre..
then, took another bus..
saw bus 21 omg..
just sat fr 2,3 stops..
then th 21 arrived ardd..
so we stopped and took 21..
all th way to dwntown..
first, we so excited abt th chalet thingy..
cnt w8 fr it since few days bfore th chalet..
so, frm dwntown we both walked till at th costa sand dwntown..
we are so impatient..tht we both went to check out fr our blk.
aft checked our blk, went to th reception..
tht time was at 2.30..
so saw some of our chinese gf were thre ardd..
so asked em to tcare of our bag..
farah accompany me bought food frm th banquet.
when we came back,
thanks to th chinese girls fr helping us to take our bags..
to th chalet..
cos my ft was thre to open our room..
so first thing first..
i & farah went to "book" our bed..
and closet.
and lastly, th chinese girls told us..
tht they r nt using th closet..
i & farah was like..
so we both quickly full th closet with our clothes & all..
haha..so greedy to grab those..
aft arranging our stuffs,
we both went to toilet..
then to th beach, which is nt allowed to swim..
went to toilet, took some pictures..

me & farah {/unedited}

mirror reflection {/unedited}

ouh, i engraved this at th beach.
gt ntg to do so yea.
yes, i love you bf! ;D

farah, candid! :D {/unedited}

windy~ {/unedited}

wink! {/unedited}

so aft we went to th beach,
we went back to our chalet arnd 5+..
one by one came..
so yea..
aft tht,
i & farah didnt do ntink..
we just slack at th room..

arnd evening, ezum & rizal came..
we w8-ed fr em at th pool..
aft tht,
bring em to th chalet..
aft all things,
when night comes,
me, farah, rizal & hakim went to th pool..
ezum was at th chalet..
few mins ltr she came to th pool..
w/o shoes on.
slack, talk2..
and aft tht, like always took pictures.

i took this & i knw its feelingly ~ haha {/unedited}

th pool. farah took this. {/unedited}

NC16! censored - haha bcos th way he sits. {/unedited}

we slacked until arnd 9pm..
then went back to th chalet fr some games tht they have planned.
we all went to th pasir ris park to play th games..
th game was fun though..
i went to fetch jaron..
he came fr awhile & went bck home..
cos wasnt feeling well..
aft th game,
went back to th chalet.
me & farah sent ezum back home..
w8-ed fr th dad to come..
fr almost 15mins i guess..
cos th dad fetching her by cab.
and then, aft ezum went off,
went bck to th chalet..
they all planned to go fr a nightwalk..
first, was abt to go to th red hse..
but, farhan & his friends recommeded us to go to th mangrove swam.
i didnt knw whre was tht..
well, alright..almost half didnt wishta go..
but aft persuade half of th class,
they all agreed & went tgdr..
& each time i went out during aft midnite,
since i bring along my bf's sweater,
so yea..
i went to wear em..
so tht i feel safe & warm. :D
then, we all head dwn to th pasir ris park..
then to th mangrove swam..
by seeing th entrance, i was alright.
bt they said,
fr those who dnt wishta go inside,
then stay one side.
all th girls didnt wishta go except me.
whats more,
farhan & some of his friends said, if we girls having periods,
we r nt allow to go into th swam..
cos, thres a high chance of getting possess.
bcos bfore, when farhan & his friends went thre,
his friend, which was a girl was possessed..
cos she was having her period and stubborn..
& still wants to go in..
back to my story,
im th only one girl who wishta go into th mangrove swam.
i did told em..
although im having my period, i still wishta go in..
its cos, my intention is to see th place..
nt th ghost.
i knw my girls out thre are feeling diff..
bt me,
im nt..
cos im wearing sweater..w hoodies on.
so yea..
hehe. thts why im fine.
aft few mins, when we all wants to go in,
i saw smtg..
hmm, shudnt describe as it might horrified my readers.
its seriously was scary, to me.
but in th end,
they went back to th place whre all those ppl who dnt wishta go sitting at..
we all talk2..
and then, like mins ltr,
smtg fishy arnd th area..
stupid chinese girls, go & nudge us abt th thing they heard.
whreby they're nt supposed to.
then like mins ltr,
farhan saw smtg at th three..
still th same..
i cnt tell hw was it.
hmm, we all then ran quickly..
i was like holding farah's & rizal's hand..
rizal said i was like so hurry..
cos i was feeling smtg nt right..
so yea..
aft tht, came back to th chalet,
i requested farah,shahadun&shahirah to accompany me to shower..
using th toilet arnd th pool thre..
pheeww ~
thanks girls fr w8-ing fr me.
app it sooooo much.
aft shower, we all went bck to th chalet..
eat awhile..slacked..
arnd 3.30am+ i guess, irfan then came.
ahha. hes frm mlysia..so thts why late..
then slpt..then woke up again..
and then, slack w some guys..
cos they wishta have a talked w me..
ahha.. = cos they're bored.
talk2..its like arnd 4.30+ i guess..
went up to th room & slpt.
fr like 2,3hr..

th end.

26th mar.
alright, woke up arnd 8.30 i guess..
then shower & everything..
th 2nd day was slacked.
ntg to eat in th morning..
planned with farah..
th food we was abt to make was like "???"
haha. kinda like overcooked.
hah..cos dnt have stove.
so aft tht,
farah,irfan & hakim went to th room & slpt.
cos all th chinese girls went off ardd..
eat breakfast outside..
shahirah & shahadun also..
so yea..
i've got ntg much to do..
few mins ltr,
went to call shahirah & met her at whitesand banquet.
didnt eat.
cos i bought oreo chocolate on my to th whitesand..
so when meet them, we talked all..
ahha..still talking abt th last night stuffs..
& lilbit of ghost stories..
oh yea,
& while talking to em..
gosshhh.. i saw smtg.
ahha. nt ghost but upskirt.
haha wth.
aft tht,
went off arnd 12+..
then went to th pasir ris park toilet..
then to th mangrove forest.
was abt to go in..
bt since shahirah didnt felt right,
so yea..
i & shahadun back off..
saw smone fishing.
frm far th person looking hawt.
but when near, omg.
crashhh ~ haha
aft tht,
went to walk2 again..
we all planned to go to th mangrove swam to check out th place..
cos since it was in th aftrnn..
so we all guessing it shud be alright.
went we were walking at th bridge,
uhms..shahadun told me smtg.
i was like..
"why u tell me nw..shudnt haveta smhw"
kaes. we still continue walking..
on th way when reaching,
we heard smtg like "wooo-ing" sound.
i looked at shahadun & she looked at me.
i was like frm thre just ran w em..
at th chalet,
share stories w my friends all..

aft tht,
slacked .
then, went to do french manicure fr farah & irfan.
irfan do like so many times.
i had to erase those nail polish fr like twice..
cos he constantly moving..
so yea..
aft tht,
i & farah slpt .
arnd 5.30+ i woke up.
talk2 w em..
irfan wth.
smudge eyeliner on my upper cheek when i was slppng.
no wonder i was like whats this black lines when i was looking at th mirror..
was kinda hungry..
borrowed some of my classmates bike..
me & rizal went to cycle to th e-hub NTUC to buy food..
aft tht,
went bck to chalet..
eat & everything..
then, aft tht, was like 7.30+ i guess..
all was missing when i came dwn th stairs..
only wan was thre, sleeping.
th others, gone fr cycling.
then, went to tell irfan,farah,rizal&hakim abt it..
they like mins ltr,
went dwn & planned to bbq food.
bfore bbq,
i & ezum went to clean up th mess at th living rm..
then, irfan went to prepare fr bbq stuffs..
aft cleaned,
we all then bbq..
took some pictures.
half way, farhan & friends came.
then followed by my others classmates whom just came bck frm cycling.
heres are some pictures..

aft tht,
i & ezum & farah went to borrow their bikes to cycle arnd th pr park.
arnd 8.30+, went bck to chalet..
then this time round,
aft i showered,
was abt to slp.
they then tagged along to go fr a cycling..
arnd th pasir ris park..
then to th red hse..
then to th kimiko hse..
then to th farhan hse..
i was like.
alright, fun.
since i always slp late..
so went fr cycling..

sorry guys fr making u all w8-ed fr me..
cos im wearing mask so yea..
haveta w8
but thanks fr w8-ing though.

kaes, cycle to th red hse..
hmm, i heard smtg terrifiying at my right ear..
i was like..omg.
it was like clear & near.
tsk, make me feel fishy.
i then tell em to went off asap.
they was like asking why.
i aint showing "tht face"..
so yea..
just drama mama fr awhile..
otw to kimiko's hse,
my bike's gear went off.
& thanks kimiko fr fixing it.
aft tht,
went to 7-11..
bought drinks to quench thirst.
aft tht,
cycle & cycle..
well, i knw if all th way long if im looking at th trees,
i knw i'll sure see "smtg"..
so yea..
i refrain frm looking at those trees..
cycle & cycle & back to th chalet..
then i told em abt what had happenned.
aft they all listened,
i went to slp.
slp w farah..and some of th guys..
half-way, woke up saw farhan i guess bside me..
then i slpt back.
i guess also irfan..
my pillow, i was at th center..
farah, with rizal i guess..
zzzzzz back .

27 mar.
woke up.
saw farah ardd woke up.
irfan was like bside me but lying th other way round..
they was like waking up everybody..
aft i woke up, arnd 6.30+,
shower all..
then packed up my stuffs & off.
gotta rushed cos i gt student leader interview which was at 9-12..

bfore went bck home took some pictures..

this friends of myne rawks!! & rafi took this fr us! yay!! thanks yeah :D

went to mcd bought breakfast w rizal.
took bus w em..
except irfan & rafi..
aft tht,
i changed to another bus & went home.

reached home arnd 9 liddat..
changed then off to skwl fr interview..
aft interview,
ezum txt me.. so went to her at causeway aft tht..
i wishta catch tht coming soon mv w bf..
bt yea..
didnt get th chance to watch w him.
sad :/
so i went to treat ezum fr mv..
bought tx..
while w8-ing fr th mv to start,
went to banquet, have our lunch.
aft tht,
we talked otp w hasif..
i got ntg much to do..
so yea..
went to take pictures..

this is me! :] with tht "lip piercing"

was taken at th theatre hall.

th movie was like awesome.
i like it. hehe.
its a thailand NC16 horror movie..

28th mar.
went to th kaki bukit cc fr a dialouge session..
so bored.
first went to meet ezum arnd 8.15am..
then, went to th cc tgdr..

lazy type..
i've been typing alot since just nw..
so just a shortcut yea.
aft tht dialouge session,
went fr a refreshment..

then, when done, took bus frm bedok to tm..
walk2 arnd thre..
aft she went off,
i shopping awhile at alano..
bought some stuffs..

otw bck home,
i was aquainted w this germany dude.
by surprised, hes kewl.
own a light blue eyes.
with a playboy tattoo on his hand..
& omg, lived arnd my area which is 2 bus-stops away frm my hse..

but nwaes,
sry yea dom, really cnt meet you.
but well,
see ya on monday jyeah!

till here.
im done.
it took me 2hrs to post & im still, tired.
very tired indeed.
tcares all! :D


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