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thres so much thingysszzz & stuffs gg on these days.
& im getting busier..
but shud be gt time update my blog.

today, ltr gt floorball..
aft floorball end..tht shud be arnd 7pm..
then go fr my dance prac..
aft dance, go home..

tmrw fri..
will go & meet myra & mckenzie.
myra & me gon go fr swimming at mckenzie hse..
whoohoo ~
awesome! =D
aft swimming.. i guess meet my friend, either kim or ariff..

so sat..
dnt have plan yet..
but if on fri i cudnt meet ariff,
then i'll be on sat then iel be meeting him..
& if i meet him on fri,
then sat wud be my jamming date.

ouh yea,
bfore i frgt..
i've formed new band.
but th band name will be th same like my previous.
cos im th one who created my previous band name..
so yea..
i wanna use it fr th current band name.
discussed ardd & they agreed.
lotsa ppl said its kewl.
jyeah, i myslf found it kewl.
told my bro..
as long thres me,
thres always a frxsane.

like always..
im th vocalist.
my bro, farridon is th drummer.
then th lead, fahmi(my bro's friend)
then th ryhthm, fifi(my boymate)
& bass, juliana(my bro's friend)

main song will be love story..
"its a love story baby just say yeah!"
im gon love my main song much..

so, nxt wk gon be my hols..
fr 3wks.
huhu..best ~
our march hols gon be 3wks.
so, my class had planned to have a class chalet.
chaletchaletchalet ~
gon be exciting.
its nxt wk wed-fri..
at costa sand pasir ris..
whoooohooo ~
im gon love it!! ;D

so yea..
if i didnt update my accounts or anything..
than just be patient jyeah..
cos i'll be away frm wed till fri..

alright, till here & tcares all.


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